help my soon to be 2 year old son is mimicking his 2 older sisters in everything from dress up to dolls and my husband is really starting to get annoyed iam too just not as intense i belive its just a phase my hubby thinks its a seed being planted i have a stepson from hubbys previous relationship but he does not live with us i need a more masculine aproach with my little one as his daddy works nights and in the day time has to sleep and soo iam left with my other daughter who is 3 soon to be 4 doing all kinds of girly things help -mommy of 4


Denikka - posted on 12/30/2013




If he's surrounded mostly by female influences, that's what he's going to imitate. Most boys go through a phase like, because mommy is the one they (usually) spend the most time with.
My son, now almost 5, is very much a boy's boy. He's rough and tumble, very active, loves sports, wrestling, video games, cars, etc.
But, he can also sit down and (occasionally :P) play dolls with his younger sister. Or play dress up (sometimes with his old Halloween costumes, sometimes with his sister's fairy/princess outfits :P). There have been occasions where he's asked me to put make-up on him (because he's watched me) or paint his nails.
I have no problem with it.

Your son is 2. He has no idea about gender roles or what is deemed socially appropriate for boys or for girls. All he sees and understands is that someone he loves is doing something, so he wants to do it too.

What I would suggest is
1) take a GOOD look at your preconceived gender role notions. Is it really that important if your sons plays with dolls over cars? Much of the play that we encourage girls to engage in (like playing with dolls) is in preparation for later years of motherhood. It might be good to encourage instead of discourage this behavior, to foster a more involved father role in him as he gets older and possibly has children of his own. The same goes for cooking and cleaning. While they are deemed to be more feminine activities by some, fostering an enjoyment and ability now will only help as he gets older.

2) If your son likes playing with his sister, I would definitely encourage this. If you want him to take more of an interest in *masculine* activities, engage your daughter in them as well. It really won't hurt for her to play with cars or whatever. Split time between activities.

3) You may need to come to terms with your son being more feminine. That's the reality. At 2, you can't know how he'll turn out, but it is a possibility. Today's society is becoming more and more accepting of those who step outside the traditional gender roles. Encourage your son's individuality, who he is, not who you want him to be :)

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