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My 15 month old is having sleeping issues :( (she always has) She will go a couple of nights sleeping through the night no problems than she'll revert back to waking 1-2 times a night. Most nights I have such a hard time even putting her to sleep in the first place. She screams and kicks and makes me hold her hand till she falls asleep (which can vary btwn 10-25 min) It's gotten to very hard to do this, slouched over her crib! Now during the night when she wakes she's usually hysterical and I have a hard time calming her. I try to soothe her in her crib first (by holding her hand) sometimes that works but very rarely. Or I will give her a bottle which I am not too fond of because of the milk pooling around in her mouth to increase chances of cavities plus I think the bottle is just comfort for her not because she's really hungry. OR I will have to take her out altogether and put her in my bed (last resort). I should mention she's also 2 weeks paci-free (that was her big security "blanket")

So needless to say I need some ideas on how to help my daughter sleep better :) Thanks in advance!


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My daughter is 19 months old and has never slept the whole night, she is in a bed and can get up two or three times a night (sometimes for a hour or more) I will get up and put her in her bed but then when I'm really shattered she sneaks in. I am at my witt's end and need to do something so I know how you feel. I have just bought a gate for her bedroom and my plan is when she wakes I will sit by her door/gate untill she goes back to bed, if need be I will going her room but keep it dark so she cant see me and dosen't get the comfort and contol she gets out of me by getting in my bed or making me run from room to room. Fingers crossed it's going to work (apparently sleep training a child of this age takes 5-7 days so I will let you know how it goes) I have tried everything else I can think of and don't want to use the gate but I'm willing to try anything right now.
She also would be hard work to go to bed but I'v now mastered that I would put her in a dark bedroom and keep laying her down without talking to her (I called it the ninja mum lol) she cried a lot but now I put her to bed and leave her, she goes to sleep by herself now with no crying, I'm planing on the same kind of thing in the night.
I joke that she is trying to kill me with sleep deprivation lol but some mornings that's exactly how I feel, just wanted you to know your not on your own :)

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I had a problem with my daughter for about 2 weeks at that age too. I know you just posted about the Taggies too, I think some sort of lovey might help, however this might just be a stage since my daughter did it about the same ago. At the time I needed my sleep so I'd just bring her to bed with me til she fell asleep then moved her back to her bed. It didn't last long and wasn't a permanent thing by any means, about two weeks or so. Can you move a dining chair next to the bed for a couple of weeks to hold her hand while sitting? Maybe instead of a milk bottle, try a water bottle.

My daughter, 25 months, now sleeps with 2 blankets, and 5 stuffed animals, every night! Occasionally she carts in a book or other random toy in with her, but she sleeps through the night, so whatever works, right?

Good luck!


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Is she teething? My daughter would do this and within a couple of weeks new teeth would come through. My daughter also sleeps with 2 blankets, a "baby", and several stuffed toys. So the missing pacifier may be part of the issue too.

Britt - posted on 05/30/2012




Ah thanks Ladies!

Stacey, sometimes I feel as if I am the only Mom with a unruly, hard to put to sleep child. Thanks for your post!

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