Help on what a 14 month old should be doing>?????????

Brooke - posted on 09/12/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




My 14 month old son lost his appetite and it went on for about 4 months i took him to a health nurse and was told to he shouldnt be having any bottles should know where and what his eyes, ears and arms legs are, he needed to be disiplined for doing the wrong thing an needed to learn to share an not to wander an b put in time out. i was also told to read books about how to raise my son an that i shouldnt just go with what i feel is right and wrong. I went home an cried because I felt like a horrible mother an that what i had been teaching my son is wrong anI was confused and im still so confused. Is there anyone else who has experienced anything similar or have any suggestions for me and what their little ones are doing??????????????


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Jaiy - posted on 09/13/2010




I know what the nurse was trying to do, however, the way she did it was wrong. You're son is behind on certain things, but that doesn't mean you're a bad mother. Every child goes at his or her own pace. The books might help to give you goals to meet and ideas on how to meet them. It doesn't have to all be work. One of the best ways to help a child learn is to make it a fun game where they get lots of praise and laughter.

You're feelings on what's right and wrong are important. You spend more time with your son than the nurse or a book. You know him. You know his cues and how to tell when something makes him upset and unhappy. You also know what makes him smile and what motivates him.

FYI: I know quite a few parents who didn't start weaning off a bottle until the child was a year and it sometimes takes six or months to get them fully on a sippy. Should you start weaning? Yes. Have you done irreparable damage? No. Take a deep breath. You aren't a bad mother. If anything, this woman needs lessons on how to handle her patients.

Jaimi - posted on 09/13/2010




sounds like that doctor is very rude. when you are a mother its all your decision. i like to read to my daughter and she enjoys it to so you could try it. just try new things and work with what you feel is comfortable. i never read any books and my daughter is well behaved. its always up to you but at the age he is at he is going to try to test your boundaries and you should try to set them while he is young i think 14 mnths is too young for time out. that my opinion though. when my daughter used to try to get into to stuff i would tell her no owies and give her a new toy and eventualy she got it. you can use all different types of methods. i also do know that the longer you keep him on the bottle the harder it will be to take away and its bad to let him sleep with milk because it is bad for the i would try switching to a sippie cup. its a little difficult at first but after a bit he wont want the bottle. if you have to lay him down with something try water. with my daughter i just played little games that taught her where her limbs are. and for sharing learning to take turns with mommy is a good start like say he has a toy ask him for a turn with it take for a few seconds and give it back. eventually he will want to take turns. or you play with a toy and ask him if he wants a turn. discipline is important but its up to you how you do it. you grow as a mother as they grow. so dont take it too hard.

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