Help please my child has got permentent diarrhea and sickness

Olivia - posted on 12/17/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son about to be 2 has had permantent diarrhea and sickness since he was born and I can cope with it any more my eldest is finding it hard to cope aswell due to being embassered by it. My youngest has constant nappy rash and thinks it's completely normal to constantly swallow sick but the doctors won't do nothing and if i got to a doctor i end up crying because i fed up and then they just go on about my mental health and don't do nothing for him all they say is that he is a good weight but im not complaning about his weight i don't want to have a child that has to constantly be changed and on medication and i just can't seem to get any one to understand my poor six year had to go into school this morning with sick all over his bag and now I want him to go to nursery every nursery is telling me if he has loose stools then i will be called to collect him and he will not be allowed to come back for 48 hours what would be the point in sending him? please i need advice or help and i ve have tried no gluten no diary he is allergic to soya and milk but not diagnosed with that only from what i have tried and tested


Ana - posted on 12/25/2013




Change your Dr.

And it is true, no nursery is going to accept a child for care that has diarrhea.

It doesn't matter that you can deal with it, maybe your child is tired of being sick too.

You need a nutritionist and a Dr immediately. A new Dr that specializes in children.

And try to look up your babys symptoms to see if there is a name for his condition so that you and your new dr can have him tested and ultimately get him fixed.

I wish you the best

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