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My daughter is 3 and a half years old. We started potty training her around her 3rd birthday. It didn't really take that long or much effort, she just wanted panties. Once we gave her the panties, she had very few accidents for a week or two then she was fine. She went 3+ months with not a single accident. She did great on long bus/car rides. She did great when we were out and weren't close to a potty.She hadn't wet at night for over a year (even when she was still in diapers). We considered her 110% potty trained. Done. End of story.

Then about 2 months ago, she had a started peeing the bed. In a weeks time, she peed her bed (brand freaking new, mind you!!!!!!!!), my bed, our couch and then on her Grandma's bed. It went downhill from there. At this point now, she is peeing her pants all day. She goes on the potty maybe once or twice a day. Surprisingly though, she doesn't poop her pants. She still does that on the potty. I have no idea why she is doing this. When I question her when she has an accident she just says "Oh well, it was just an accident *shrug*." I threatened her with diapers or tell her she won't be able to go to school and she would scream. I went out and got those diapers yesterday and she was upset at first, now she doesn't care. I am beyond frustrated at this point. There were not dramatic events or changes in routine around the time she started doing this, so it can't be that. I don't know if it's just laziness or what. I refuse to reward her when she does go to the potty, because I don't want her using that against me. "I will only go potty if I get a reward, otherwise clean my mess" kind of thing.

I am in desperation at this point. I am leaving in a few minutes to take her to her doctor to discuss this and see if maybe she has a UTI or some sort of internal problem causing this. If you guys have any suggestions, please send them my way.




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Danielle - posted on 06/10/2010




Thanks for the suggestions. The doctor said there is nothing wrong inside. Her father is a type 1 diabetic. They tested her pee and nothing. Her bed has a cover now, but she still pees on my bed and the floor. I have tried everything. Nothing is working. I am at my witts end with her.

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So sorry for all your frustrations. I totally agree with you going to the Dr. to check out if it is a medical issue. It doesnt make sense she was almost fully trained and pees everywhere now. Is she drinking a lot more than usual? Peeing more than "normal?" The reason why I am asking is because our son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in Oct. Some of the typical symptoms are extreme thirst, frequent urination and nocturnal bed wetting. Make sure the Dr. takes a urine sample and tests her glucose levels. It could be northing or something. Please get her checked out ASAP. Also, to save yourself more frustration, put a waterproof mattress cover on her mattress so it doesnt get ruined. We also use a hospital pad on top of his bed sheet for extra protection and quick clean up. Good luck. I hope everything turns out for the best.

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i agree w/you, don't reward her. it's some type of control if it's not a UTI. get a waterproof cover for her bed - it's just a good idea for kids b/c you never know when they will get sick, diarrhea or stomach bug. also, pick up some piddle pads at Babies R Us and put one under her at night/naps. i don't think there's anything wrong w/using a "Good Nite" diaper at night until they're a bit older. it saves you the hassle if they do have too much to drink that day or are just too tired to wake up to use the bathroom.

i would steer clear of the diapers during the day just b/c i think it gives her back control of the situation and you need to have her understand that it is not something that she does any longer. have her help clean up any messes she has - whatever she's sitting on at the time, putting her clothes in the wash and then the dryer. as soon as it happens.

good luck!

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