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Britt - posted on 05/30/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )





I have heard this all too many times and now here I go....My once sweet little baby has turned into a monster. She's 15 months old. She has begun throwing crazy temper tantrums. She screams horribly for a prolonged amount of time, hits, and throws herself backs and pushs me away. (BTW I don't know where she got this hitting thing from) Yesterday was horrible. When I picked her up from grandmas she was fine, ran straight up to me smiled etc., went home, she was good for 30 min and all of a sudden she freaked out, screaming, hitting, throwing herself back. No matter what I did she would not calm down. When my husband came home he took her outside, she calmed down. After everything was good for the rest of the evening. However, last night she woke up screaming, hitting, throwing herself all over. Again tried everything to calm her, nothing worked. My husband took her downstairs and she cried a bit more and than stopped. I sat in bed and cried. I am so frustrated and I feel so helpless.

Also, I should mention she's been extemely clingy lately. Some days I cannot even put her down for hours on end. She cries sometimes going with grandma in the morning which she never does.

HELP moms!!!


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Kristin - posted on 05/30/2012




My middle son was clingy and threw fits when I left him anywhere. It was rough, but i found patience, being calm and reassuring them that you will come back for them made a huge difference. Kids like to make us parents feel guilt for leaving them I think and the fits only last until you leave. As for temper tantrums at home ask your child in a calm voice why they are crying, screaming, hitting etc. My son used to do that and it was because he didnt know how to communicate what he was feeling and needed speech therapy and he is ADHD although this never got diagnosed until he was 3 and I spent a year trying to figure out what all the tantrums were about. What also worked for me is to never let them see your frustration or stress, and when they are throwing a fit hold them tight and soothe them until it sunsides. I had to do this with my son quite a bit as he would sometimes put holes in the walls. If all else fails try taking a parenting course or look at some support groups within your community. My son is 6 now and is less clingy and way better at controlling his temper. It does get better even though it may not feel like it now. Be strong

Karyn - posted on 05/30/2012




I sympathize!! My 2 1/2year old sweet little girl has been just horrible lately. Several tantrums a day for every reason possible. Its extremely frustrating and I'm at my wits end!! She is also very clingy. Her father and I are not together and she even calls me by his new girlfriends name when she gets mad at me. Its like being stabbed in the heart. I actually called her doctor today because I just dont know what to do. Can she possibly be lashing out at this young age about her father and I not being together?? I have no idea. I've tried timeouts, soothing her, ignoring her nothing works. All I can say is stay strong, stand your ground and hope it is just a phase!! Good luck!!!!

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