help with my daughters hair?

Sinead - posted on 06/16/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




i have a 15month old who was born with a headful of thick hair. up to now she is taken every 6week to have it trimmed and tidied up. was wondering how u maintain and style your child's hair.
she is desperate need of another trim of the fringe, but i really want to grow the fringe out. not for stylish reasons they are practical. she hates havin clips and bobbles put in and constantly pulls them out when i try to. clippin her fringe back isnt working, im tryin to keep it sweeped out of her face using my fingers on it and have tried puttin a parting in so its easier to do. that idea also failed.

just wondered how use all manage their hair and if anyone else has grown their childs fringe out young how did you do it.


Shannintipton - posted on 06/16/2011




Its hard. I have never really cut my daughter's hair. One trim. She is 4 and it is down to her butt. One style. Pony tail with a topsy twist. I am not good with braids. Although I do like them when the neighbor girl comes over and does them. They look good.

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