Help with tips for toddler sleep?

Wanita - posted on 02/03/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




After hitting 28 months my Daughter is resisting day time naps and do not want to go to sleep at night I'm helpless, my once routine bedtime is all awry now. We do the same thing every night. Bath, teeth and books and I try to get her down, but she won't stay in her bed. She also asks for fruits, water and milk and night and that's after 9pm and later. My once stay still and listen while I read until lights out is waking around her room pulling everything out.


Crystal - posted on 02/04/2013




It sounds like a couple of things. One, she may not need a nap during the day. If she is tired she will sleep. It also sounds like she may be testing her boundaries, but it also sounds like she is trying to keep herself awake because she is either having nightmares or is afraid of something. Have you tried having her go to sleep with you? You could do this in her room or yours, or you could have her try to sleep in her room. Make sure she knows the boundries, stay firm and do not give in to requests. Offer these things before you do her teeth. You could also try mixing your routine up a little. Have her read to you instead of you reading to her, singing to her or with her, massaging her as you sing or read, ask her if she can help put you to sleep? Just try different things, and stay firm on certain rules, she may just need to help you set a new bedtime routine that works better for her now, but if she is afraid of something, you may have to alter her sleeping arrangements a little so she feels safe while she sleeps.

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