High fevers often.

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Hi, I have a two year old little girl, named Kallie she's really energetic from our doctors visits she's perfectly healthy but she gets fevers often. Last year two weeks before her first birthday she spiked a fever of 105 in witch lead to a seizure at that time I was 8 months pregnant for my other one and exhausted scared worried you name it. Since then Kallie has been sick quite a bit. During the summer not so much but she has still been sick alot compared to alot of other kids. Her constant routine of fevers usually start around the end of October .. She has one right now and I'm giving her tylenol and Advil to keep it down I've tried everything i talked to my doctor about this and everything and appetently it's just a virus and such. I have a gut feeling that its more then that.. She gets them so often and they get high. Of course this is a big deal to me every time because I'm so scared to the live the seizure she had last year .. I fear fevers for her I don't know what to do or how to look into it more my doctor doesn't seem to think anything of it I just feel like I'm at a dead end! Any tips on how to get over the past or how to make copping with a fever easier? Or anything that might be the reason she's always fevering ? Please let me know!


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I would make sure she does not have any ear infections

Young kids have a lot of fevers, they are consistently building up all those immunities. My kids (3 and 2) get a lot of fevers with no other signs of illness. I usually give Tylenol/Ibuprofen before bed if they are over a hundred and then alternate the two every 4 (so you really are giving a medicine every two hours) if they spike to 102 or it last for a couple of days. 4 to 5 days is the longest a fever should run, as that is how long a virus would last (most doc's will just tell you that and not do anything else) after 7 days they should get antibiotics, but if it is a low fever doc's won't want to treat it since it is better for the body to do the fight. I know once you have a serious issue, you tend to be more susceptible to it. Since she had serious high fever, she may get fevers easier then other kids her age. I think it will be a while until you get comfortable again with low fevers.

Something I heard recently and not to scare you (and you may already know) if she spike a really high fever, DO NOT put her in a COLD bath, use a lukewarm bath or even better strip her down and use a wet lukewarm cloth and rub her chest and head (it will feel cold to her). Sitting her in a cold bath will shock the body and can cause even more issues like seizures and even death. This is not something I thought about at all but a little boy in next town died because of it, so I share it now.

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