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If this is a dulicate sorry!! My phone doesn't always play nice.
My soon to be 5 year old had been in day care since he was 10 weeks old. Around 3 years old he started with behavioral issues. From not listening, hitting, running around the classroom and just being disruptive. He was seen by his pediatrician, behaviorist and therapist. They all said the daycare needed to be more consistent with their approach. The therapist set up a behavioral plan to help the day care. They weren't consistently using it. I will say the daycare stuck with him where most would have asked him to leave. I pulled him out of his daycare in july.
He is now with a friend who has set up his day close to how it was at daycare. She is working with him with pre-k activity books and other things to help him learn. And the difference is amazing. With the 1:1 his self confidence has improved so much. He is able to focus and when he becomes frustrated with something he doesnt get mad and either act put or give up. He doesn't come home sad saying "I had another bad day" I am really struggling with wheather to put him in a new preschool this September or keep him where he is. I worry that if I put him daycare, the behaviors might return. It had caused me so much anxiety/worry prior to where he is now. I literally worried all day at work. He is emotionally immature and won't be able to start Kindergarten till next year. But he does socially very well with other kids his age and adults. Is it worth the potential risk? Or should I give him one more year to work on focusing, learning and to mature with someone who can give him that extra attention? Any advise would be greatly appreciated


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well I can tell you from experience with my 4 year old boy that preschool is the way to go. he has many behavioral issues and before going to preschool, we got kicked out of a few daycares because of his tantrums, and issues playing with other children. it was so hard. and taking him to public places when he wanted to act out, or play dates with friends where he didn't get along with their children. when he turned 3, I thought no way am I gunna send him to school so he can get kicked out there too. he has a speech delay and light and sound sensitivity. and when I was working, my famiy would watch him, and no other children his age to interact with so it was hard when I actually took him to daycare with other children. but his first year of preschool was bad at first, but the routine of being there 2 days a week and having a set class schedule, he really improved. The first few weeks was hard because he was adjusting, but by the end of the year his behavior had improved and actually made some friends. this year he will be attending a different preschool, in a diferent town, with different teachers-we had to move. so that has me anxious as well. but long story short, I understand your concerns completely, and they wont go away. but in my opinion, a steady routine and being there with other children your kids age could help. he wont like it at first but it will get easier. the earlier you expose him to it, the easier the transition will be. I know my kid still struggles but I have seen improvement. but you know your child better than anyone, so I would go with whatever you feel is best.

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