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I really need some advice please! My husband and i decided to homeschool our children(but that was when we had one), and now we have 4 beautiful children......6,3, 22months, 1 month. I thought i was going ot be able to do it, but my 1 month old is very cranky, and always needs my attention. I have asked my husband if we could just get the two older ones in to school until i feel like i can do it. It would just be of great help to have someone even start them. I have a lot of pressure from my family that our 6 year old should know more then what she does....and it's true she should, she knows her ABC, and 1,2,3s, but she doesn't recognize them, and she can't spell her name without seeing it......Anyways, i've been feeling a lot of stress with a new baby, and plus having my mom down my throat about i have brought it to my husbands attention to just send her for a few years to get her basics started as i don't have time, nor patience at the moment with a lack of sleeping......he is totally against it, and we just end up fighting about it. What do i do? I can't find time to do basics with her when i have a busy 22 month old, and a new born. I just can't right now. He is scared that we won't take her back out, but i reassured him that i thought we would because i would love to homeschool her, and i do think it is better then sending her to schools in this area(drugs are bad with schools in this area. goes from grade jk - 12) Anyways, i would like thoughts, advice whatever you can give me please!
Thank you!


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I completely empathise with you. It's tough when you need time to yourself and to care for your babies as well as consider homeschooling your kids. I'm a mum of 5, (7mo, 3,5,7,10) and am going to start homeschooing this year. Til now they have been going to school and loving it despite many challenges too. Yet we've decided to give it a go. So it does happen that you start and can take them out. Take heart! I've heard other in my area that send their kids to Kindy where they learn to read and get basics of inteacting then homeschool from Grade 1 or 2 etc. My heart goes out to you cause I know how tired and brainfried you can be. Perhaps if your husband has a go at caring for all 3 for a weekend and tries to do learning as well to get a sense of how difficult it could be...?


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I would just like to put in my two cents...
I have been homeschooling for 4 years, pulled my daughter out when she was in kinder... She's not in 4th grade. I pulled her out to "try" homeschooling... It has been awesome.., still have things that we could probably do better, so I'm constantly open to other's ideas and suggestions and constantly trying to improve.
I also have a 4 year old... That we haven't really started "school" yet, but every now and then we'll sit down and do some stuff... Since she begs for it... When she was born and growing it wasn't too hard to school my oldest (now 9)..,
HOWEVER....I also have a 2 month old and ohhhhh it's hard!
We just actually started back after 2 months of a break... Because I couldn't get us back on schedule... Especially with the baby being strictly breastfeeding...
So if it makes you feel any better, I just want you to know that I'm having the hardest time yet to share my time amongst them all... And incorporating the baby and his feeding she's been very very hard.... BUT we're hanging in there!
Bless your heart for trying to do it with a 3yo, 22 month AND a baby! That's triple hard and would make u supper mom!
You can also give it a try, if it doesn't work, take her back to school...! But it's hard... You're not alone... :-)
Good luck !


Ana - posted on 01/22/2014




Homeschool is great IF you can do it and have TIME to do it.

Sending those older kids to school is what REALLY needs to happen. They should not have to wait until you are not busy with the little kids to learn. In addition, since you are with your little ones so much right now (as I am as well I have a 3.5yr old and a 1 yr old), when the older kids get to school, they will have interaction with other kids their ages to give them a life other than waiting around at home.....gets boring..

On the other hand, since you say the schools are bad in your area, you can choose to send them to another homeschool in your area or another area.

Another option is to get a babysitter a few days a week during your teaching hours to sit with your little kids in your home while you teach the older two.

I mean you have so many options, it really depends on how you feel.

I teach my 3.5yr old on and I give her books with letter and number tracings and such, but to be honest, I am a housewife, I am still postpartum and I don't work with her everyday like I want to, and I have another small child to tend to as well. Without help of some sort, nothing is going to get done and the only people who really pay a price are our little kids.

I have decided to put my daughter in preschool, and I will supplement her education as I see fit.

God Bless.

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