horrible changing my daughter"s diapers and dressing her

Jamie-Lee - posted on 02/06/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




PLEASE HELP!!!!!! My daughter is 14 months and I am having so much trouble changing her diaper, dressing her, putting lotion on her, brushing her hair. She freaks out and screams and kicks me every time. I try to give her things to distract her, but nothing works. As she is getting bigger the stronger she is getting. Any advise would be grateful appreciate it. She has been like this from the moment she could crawl.


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Courtney - posted on 02/20/2014




Hi Jamie, I was going through the same thing with my son. I found that dressing him,changing his diaper, etc in front of his favorite TV show calmed him down quite considerably. I also found a couple of hand held toys that he liked to play with. This distracted him until I could get done!

Cate - posted on 02/06/2014




Hello Jamie-Lee,

Sounds like you're having a really challenging time!

It could be that your daughter just craves the independence to do some of these things herself, but isn't able to do them just yet. There are a few things you could try, if you haven't already.

Have you tried getting anyone else to do these things? Like your partner, or another family member. Does she respond the same way to them? As this has been going on for some time I imagine it's stressful for you, so she may be picking up on that stress.

Have you tried getting her to do any of the things herself? Things like brushing her hair, which she won't do as successfully as you, but will at least be done. Can she do any of the dressing herself?

It's hard to tackle this situation without really knowing what your response is, so the other thing might be to investigate other forms of support for you. I'm thinking of a parenting coach, or a child behaviour specialist. Now, I'm not suggesting anything is wrong with your daughter, or with what you've been doing, but sometimes having an expert set of eyes on the whole situation can really help. And chances are you'd only need a small push in a different direction.

Hope that helps. Take care of yourself.


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