How can I get my 17 month old to sleep through out the night?

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My 17 month old has never slept throughout the night. My 7 month old only wakes up only once. How can I get my oldest to sleep better.....any ideas????? My oldest (Jonah) drinks from a sippy cup and wants that cup each time he cries or moans in the middle of the night. So we fill the cup up with water and give it to him and he goes back to sleep. This happens like 3 times or more all night long.I cant wrap my mind around why he will not sleep all night. I need to change this so I can get some rest.


Lori - posted on 06/15/2013




It's pretty normal for a 17 month old to not be sleeping through the night. I think you're very lucky with your 7 month old that the baby sleeps all night already. My first started sleeping through the night around 18 months old. My 2nd was 2 yrs before she slept through the night even once. She's now 2 1/2 and it's becoming more and more common for her to sleep through the night. Usually when she wakes I do about what you do. Give her her sippy cup of water, and she goes back to sleep.

I know with my first I thought I must be doing something wrong. You always here about those babies who do sleep through the night from the time they're 6 weeks old or whatever. But when I really started talking to other moms about their LO's sleep habits I started realizing how normal night waking is in both babies and toddlers.

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