How can I get my 2 and a half year old to stop interrupting while her dad and I are talking?

Alleah - posted on 11/03/2011 ( 5 moms have responded )




Does anyone have any techniques or tricks that I can use? We just had our second baby, another little girl, so I'm sure Anna is feeling a little left out, and just wants attention, but I don't have any tools to deal with it besides getting frustrated, and sending her for time outs... The last thing I want to do right now is exclude her even more, so is there anything else you guys do to get your kids to wait their turn to speak?


Jodi - posted on 11/06/2011




Teach her a technique (such as touching your arm) for when she wishes to speak to you while you are speaking to someone else, and also learn a response back (such as touching the hand that touched your arm) so that she then knows you acknowledge she wishes to speak to you. Sit down and tell her that it is rude to interrupt someone when they are speaking to someone else, and that next time she could try this, so that once you have finished your conversation, you will then turn your attention to her.

She won't stop straight away. Heck, my kids will sometimes STILL interrupt a conversation when they get overly excited about something, it's just one of those things that will happen occasionally, but if you are consistent in correcting it (such as telling them to go away and try again in a polite way), they eventually get the message that they WILL get your attention, and you WILL listen to what they have to say, but only if they go about it in a polite way and if they then wait for your conversation to finish..

Now if only to find a way to stop your kids ALWAYS needing your attention the minute you pick up the phone...... :P


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Kathleen - posted on 11/06/2011




we always tell our son that if he wishes to speak to us when we are talking he needs to say excuse me.

September - posted on 11/04/2011




Include her in caring your newborn as much as possible. Be sure you spend some one on one time with her each day doing something she enjoys and teach her how to say excuse me. Good luck! :)

Katherine - posted on 11/03/2011




She definitely wants your attention. Why don't you set up an hour each day if you can just for her?
At that age it's really common not to know boundaries. She is seeking out both of you. Maybe when the baby sleeps you can do something with just her?

Also and she may be too young, you can always try a rewards chart.

Stephanie - posted on 11/03/2011




Be patient and keep telling her make sure you get down to her face level and tell her " I am talking to you dad, please let me finish talking and then you can tell me what you have to say"

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