How can I get my 3 year old Rose to poop on the toilet???

Sabrina - posted on 09/26/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




I have a problem with my Rose... It used to be that if she wore underwear, she would poop in them, but if she were butt naked, she would go on the toilet... Now, whether or not she is wearing underwear, she doesn'T want to go on the toilet... I tried everything... From chocolate chips when she went to (I feel so bad for that) a spank on the butt for doing it in her undies, and nothing works! I have tried sending her more often, making her wait until it comes out, etc but it doesn't work! Even worse: as soon as she leaves the bathroom, she goes about doing something and 5 minutes later, she did it in her undies or starting to have an accident butt naked! :'( I'm at witt's end with this!! Any suggestions???

It probable doesn't help that her 6 (almost 7 year old) sister never wipes and often has accidents because she's too lazy to to go or just doesn't feel like wiping...

HELP!! :'(


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Toni - posted on 10/03/2012




I just conquered getting my son to do number 2's in the toilet.

He has been totally dry at night for a year and he has been doing pee in the toilet, standing up, for longer, but it seemed no matter what I did he would refuse to do number 2 in the toilet.

2 days ago I finally had enough. I used his last pull up nappy and explained that there were no more. I would not get him any more pull ups ever again. He would wear jocks like a big boy, and if he didnt do a poo in the toilet, I was not going to clean it up. If he did a poo in his jocks he could clean it.

Im not sure exactly how much he understood, but he did understand cleaning up his poo was yucky and he hasnt had any accidents for 2 days.

I hope this helps. Every child is different and most of the problem is finding the trick that works with yours.

Jamie - posted on 10/01/2012




I would try making it a game. Create a weekly sticker chart. Include yourself/or someone else who is consistant in your household on the chart too.(seems pretty funny, but if you can show them how reliable you are...maybe that will do the trick??) It might sound funny but kids love stickers, structure and and a little competition with the sibs if played off right. IF they make it thru a whole week of going #2 in the toilet, wearing our underwear(and keeping them clean) and wiping after every BM, take 'em out for something fun. Im doing this right now with far I've been successful just adding it to their chores list. (SS5,D5, & SD6)

Michaela - posted on 09/26/2012




I had the Same problem wuth mine. My Macy will be 3 in January and we (she) just finally started going all by herself. W had tried going on the "big potty" with a kiddy seat but she wasn't having that at all. I got her her very own singing pott chair and even then it took her a few months to catch on. I would just ask her every time she pooped in her undies "Does that feel good?" and she'd reply "No" and we'd say it was yucky and toss it in the potty where it belongs. It took what seemed like forever but she finally Knows when she has to go and goes all by herself now, screams and gets really excited about it. Rewards, Rewards, Rewards. Macy got cookies, or little pieces of candy, popsicles you name it, she got it after she "did her business"

I can't stress wiping enough, they need to know that they have to wipe down there or they will get an "owey" and have to go to the dreaded Doctor. Dun dun dun.

Good luck :)

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