How can I keep my 19 month old daughter to stay in her seat on a plane?

Jaymie - posted on 08/09/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




I'm going to visit my brother in Austin, TX in a little less then two weeks and I'm taking my daughter with me. Zoey-(my daughter) gets distracted very easily, so it's hard for me to find things to keep her busy. She likes my phone and I have a couple apps on it for her but like within 10-20 minutes she is bored with it. Anything else I try to get her to play with she won't take or will just throw it. Does anyone have any ideas on what I could distract Zoey with?

My first flight is a little over two hours, with an hour layover and then another two hour flight to Austin.


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Bridget - posted on 08/10/2013




If you have a window seat, you could start out by talking to her, telling and pointing to her of what the both of you see out the window. explain to her about what you guys are riding on, telling her you guys are in the sky, high above everything, you know, stuff like that and just talking to her with an enthused tone of voice, should keep her attention for at least half an hour. besides talking, you could give some crayons to her to color with, color with her, too and talk about what you guys are coloring, and stuff like, what color are you all using to color this. that should keep her occupied for another half an hour. Bring along some books. read to her, sing maybe some nursery songs in between the books. if you have any toys that you can bring along where it won't be so disruptive for other folks on the plane, like a toy microphone, a puzzle, or a mrs. potato head. a toy where she can not only have fun with but it will also keep her still during the plane ride. there are so many things to do with your child to keep her occupied. just bring everything i said to bring and that alone may set her for the rest of the flight. bringing all of that you guys may use all of them, 2 or even just one activity the entire time and be satisfied with that. who knows? but yeah just try the things i have said above and than tell me how that goes :).

Sarah - posted on 08/09/2013




Snacks always helps with my kids. Do you have a window seat? That can help for a little bit also. We flew when my youngest was 15 months and then again when she was 19 months and both times I actually did not use most of the stuff I packed. For some of the flight times she slept (which was really nice!) and then the other times she was entertained by just standing on my lap or looking around. We did use the snacks here and there on all the flights.

What you can do too is to buy a few small things you think she might like and keep them only for the plane ride....since they are new they may keep her attention a little longer.

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