how can i make my 3 yrs old girl go on my rules not on hers ?

Asiel - posted on 10/12/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 3 yrs old girl doesnt listen ,always yelling and cry for every thing ,, i tried many different ways being calm , shouting, rewards, time out but nothing worked . and its more difficult when we r out of the house it always ends with tantrum to go home for ex. i took her today to a place where kids play together share and learn to be patience and listen to other , and it was her first day, as usual she didn't listen to me or to any one els , she didnt stay at the circle and she wanted to play all the time and do only what she wants , i told her u either u sit down and watch them or we will go, she didnt accept both and she kept on screaming.
and this is happening all the time

so how can i make her listen ? plz advice ,,,


Danicia - posted on 10/13/2013




you need to decide what punishment you want to start off with (time out, etc.) and be CONSISTENT. she will push you until you break, you have to show her that you aren't going to budge and you're the parent- not her. she needs consistent consequences for negative behavior. try to keep your cool and not engage in her behavior.
for our 2 yr old daughter, our routine is she is asked to do something (like pick up her toys). if she refuses, she is given to the count of three (not drawn out in saying the numbers, just a short pause between them), if she still refuses she is sent to time out until she is ready to comply (we explain why we are sending her to time out- "you're going to time out for not listening and picking up your toys, you may come out when you are ready to pick up your toys"). when she wants to scream and yell and flop on the floor, so be it. we do not engage her and she is not allowed out of time out until she is calm, quiet, and ready to comply with what has been requested of her.
the crying and drama fit is her way of trying to manipulate the situation to get her way, we do not engage b/c she needs to understand we are calling the shots- not her. when we first set together our discipline routine she rebelled hardcore. we stayed consistent and she responds well to it, I usually don't get past 2 in the counting before she complies. we also use time out when she begins to whine or nag, with those I usually can say "if you continue (specific behavior), you will go to timeout" and she'll cut it out.
you're the boss, don't let her tell you otherwise. you can do it momma, wish you well!

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