how can i make my three year old listen

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my little girl is always telling me no or laughing when i ask her to go sit in time out she just doesnt seem happy and it makes me feel like a bad mom cuz i find myself yelling at her alot cuz thats the only way i can get her attention please help i dont want to be the yelling mom


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Brittany - posted on 12/19/2011




My son does this as cant let them be the boss..If they tell you no, you make her go sit in time out regardless of how much she fights and screams and throws a fit. Also, I found that my son hates taking naps during the day, so if he refuses to listen I just threaten to put him to bed and he straightens up. He doesnt listen if Im sitting down, but if I walk over to him and tell him right in his face, with a stern, but not loud voice, he listens because he knows mommas getting upset, lol

Kristy - posted on 12/19/2011




Persistance.... i knoww it is hard as my three year old was quiet similar. i just had the naughty chair and when she was naughty i would not give her a warning, just ask her to sit in her naughty chair. If she said no or ignored me i would take her by the hand and put her there, or pick her up and put her there. I wouldn't say a thing to her, even if she was screaming having a tantrum! It takes quiet a while, up to a couple of months but eventually if you follow the same pattern, stay calm and focused and be consistant she will listen. Good luck i hope you work this out.

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