how did it fell when ur baby started school for the fist time?

Mary - posted on 07/29/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




my son he is 4 and he is starting school this year and im going to cry cause i dont wont them to grow up but no matter what they all 4 will always be my babies even when they are 100 i just wont to know if its hard for u to let go i mean for school and what got u guys through the time when they was he gose form 640 am to 1110 i know its not that long but how can u let one of ur babies go away from u that long my mom takes them sometimes and im calling every 5 mins or i wont leave intill they are a sleep and then im calling i know im weird but i dont care they are my babies


Sheena - posted on 07/29/2010




It's kind of tough the first couple of days, but you just have to find things to do during the day to keep you occupied until you are used to it. Believe me it is much harder on you then it is on them. Just don't let them see you get upset because it will effect them too and you don't want it to be a negative experience for them. After awhile you will learn to enjoy the quiet time and then we they are home on vacations you will wish that they were in school so that you can have your quiet time back....that's the way that it was for me. You will be fine though don't worry.

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