How do i become a more patient mother for my 5yr old ADHD, hyperactive daughter?


Michelle - posted on 08/18/2012




My son has adhd and what we had to do was set some very black and white guidelines and expectations. We posted a list on his door when he was little to remind him what he had to do when he got up, he had a chore chart where he could see what he needed to get done each day nothing major just small stuff. When it was nice out he played outside a lot we had a nice secure back yard with playcentre and trampoline which he loved. We also lived 3 houses away from the park and he would go there when he saw friends playing there.
When winter came it was harder to get him to play outside so he was enrolled in activities after school and then of course for us we medicated as my sons adhd was off the charts so even on meds he was very active. Through school he got therapy to teach him impulse control, and how to deal with his aggression in a positive manner.


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Katherine - posted on 08/18/2012




Not that it's always the answer, but is she on anything for it? Is she working with anyone? Maybe you just need to run her ragged! My kids are pretty hyper too. They demand constant activity. You just have to remember that your daughter is special and needs a little more from you. Try taking her for long walks and outside A LOT. I'm a member of and I take my kids everywhere. Go to the farm, the zoo, the library, anything that requires a lot of walking or exertion.

Take her swimming, to the park, I mean ANYTHING you can think of to burn that extra energy off.

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