how do i fed my 2 yr boy who is not eating

Moran - posted on 07/30/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




how do i make my child to or what food can i give him to put on weight. he is very thin and short


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Kimberly - posted on 07/30/2012




I had a huge battle with my daughter to get her to eat, she is almost three and just hit 12kg, she's still wearing clothes from her 1st birthday. She is small and I know heaps of kids that are much younger and weigh the same if not more!!! If I can give any advise on eating its qulality or qunity, so if they are only going to have three bits of something make it three bits of yogurt and fruit opposed to three chip. I offer lots of fruit and veggies, multigrain breads, peanut butter, cheese, yogurts, salutanas, meats. She does for the most part eat pretty good now but that has come with alot of hard work and being admitted to a feeding clinic. She has days where she will only eat apple slices and saltana's but its still something. I just take one day at a time. Always be positive about food and I dont give in to crap foods( chips and lollies) when I know she has eaten next to nothing. We have thin kids just like some people have chubby kids,

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I'm having the same problem, my 2.5 year old boy is small for his age, he was in the 16th percentile at his 2yr old checkup. He is thin and petit, when we go out I worry because we meet kids younger than him that seem to be the same height already! I noticed there are days he'll eat more, and some I'm lucky to get him to take two bites of something! Now I'm keeping healthy snacks within plain reach and sight to entice him to eat, it seems to help remind him to eat without me nagging or force feeding. For dinner he seems to like soups and casseroles.

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Give him whatever it is he will eat! Seriously, I am a nutritionist. When it comes to toddlers who "don't eat anything". Find something he will eat. If he eats peanut butter and jelly for 3 months, he eats peanut butter and jelly for 3 months but at least he is eating something.

Also, multi-vitamin/mineral supplement. Very important. Make sure you fill in the "holes" and he is getting all the nutrients he needs.

Sometimes... and I am a mom with experience, it seems like our kids survive on air. Kids are really good about knowing when to eat and when not to eat. If he is genuinely not hungry, thats ok. But if he is hungry and complaining because he doesn't like certain foods, than thats where you need to get anything in him you can.

Always offer healthy choices... make him a plate full of the foods you would normally serve at dinner, have him take at least one bite of each or try... and then go back to the one "staple" food he will eat. Eventually if you keep at least trying other foods, he will grow up eating more than the one food you find he likes. You don't want to have a 35 year old man eating only chicken nuggets! haha

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