How do i get my 1 yr to go to sleep at night?


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Who do you have looking after him while ur at work? Don't they put him to bed? OR does he just wake up when you get home? I really don't know what to suggest because you have a unique situation...... I think the person looking after him while ur at work will have to do all the work and establish a bedtime routine, using the same routine every night until it becomes second nature! He shouldn't be waking up when you get his age he should be sleeping thru most nights or at least a good 7-8 hour stretch thru the night? Sorry I can't be of more help, I wish you the best of luck!

Sabrina - posted on 01/31/2010




I work a 12 hr shift and don't get home till 11-12 mid night think b/c he dont see me all day, whne i get home he thinks it's our play time. I feel guilty at times b/c he's missing his mommy time. he's full of energy and just alwasys want to plat at bedtime. I really need it to stop. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi Sabrina! My 16 month old daughter has always gone to sleep really well, even at an early age and I attribute this to her ' bedtime routine ' that we established when she was just home from the hospital! It's always been bath, bottle, bed....... I think babies do really well when they know what to expect! Do you have a bedtime routine that you stick to daily? What kind of problems are you having with ur child at bedtime? You may just have to lay him/her down in their crib and let them cry for a few minutes going back in to check on them and comfort them without actually picking them up!! I found that if I do that a couple times, 5 mins the first time, 10 mins the second time, and so the 3rd or 4th visit into their room they will fall asleep! It's VERY important that babies learn to comfort themselves to sleep and when they know ur just in the next room checkin on them it will give them the confidence they need to learn this behaviour! Good luck, lemme know specifically what type of problems ur having!?? I'm curious to know how this turns out!?

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