How do I get my 15month old to take me seriously?

Danielle - posted on 07/08/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




She can be SO bad sometimes! I say things like I don't like that or that hurts when you hit mommy, but she just laughs and keeps on doing it. I use my serious face and deepen my voice (tips I learned from my mom who worked in day care forever), but she just doesn't care. I ignore tantrums and that seems to work but I can't ignore it when she's being abusive towards others. I need tips on how to get a 15 month old to take you seriously.


Casey - posted on 07/09/2012




My daughter did the same thing. I would hold her arm so she couldn't hit me and tell her a firm "no, we don't hit" and put her down away from me so she couldn't hit me again or move away if I'm not holding her. I agree with eye level as Luise stated. If she was going for something she shouldn't play with I did the same thing and would either remove the object from her reach or remove her from the area/room. At 15 mo she would laugh and think it was funny but now (17months) she doesn't hit anymore and usually listens quite well if I tell her "put that back" if she doesn't listen I tell her she can put it back or mommy will help her put it back. Sometimes I have to help her (I put my hand over hers to do this), and rarely does this lead to a tantrum. If it does I simply tell her I'm sorry, mommy doesn't like when she can't have what she wants either (or whatever the situation is in a calm voice. And then I try to redirect her attention/ignore the tantrum. She usually gets over it pretty quick.
If I noticed her getting whiney and wound up I would calmly tell her it's time for some quiet time and put her in her crib/bed for a few minutes of alone ttime. Iwould give her some books for quiet play by herself and leave the room. Usually within 5-10 minutes I would go back and her mood would be significantly improved. My husband and I are both introverts so I think sometimes she just needs that time.
I think at this age the key is consistency and when you tell her no remove the object/situation or her from the situation so she CAN'T do it again, at least not immediately. I just kept a straight face and ignored it when she laughed at me telling her no. I think it's a common reaction at that age.It sounds like you are doing a great job, I would just stick with it and give it some time.

Louise - posted on 07/09/2012




If she is hitting then you get down to her eye level, gently hold her arms down by her sides and firmly say NO! We do not hit, it's not nice! You have to get eye contact for this to sink in. If everything else is failing then buy a large play pen and use this as a sin bin. Do the telling off bit and if she dose not stop put her in the play pen and walk away. Taking her away from the situation is a good way to teach her that actions have a reaction and not always the one you want.


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