How Do I Get My 18 Month Old To Fall Asleep In Her Crib?

Chelsey - posted on 11/05/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




We are in sleep hell.

We had our daughter's crib in our room until about a month ago. She would go to sleep in her crib about 8pm, and used to wake up around 4am for a bottle, and would move into our bed with us.

She started waking up earlier and earlier though wanting to come in with us, and ended up waking most nights between 11pm and midnight wanting to come into our bed.

I figured that we were disturbing her when we came to bed, so we decided to move her into her own room at the beginning of October (17 months old). The first couple weeks went great! She was going to sleep no problem in there, and lasting until about 2 or 3am before waking up and calling for us. We would go in and get her, give her a bottle, and let her spend the rest of the night in with us.

About 2 weeks ago though, bedtime became hell! I thought it was becasue she was sick with a cold and teething, so I didn't really think much of it. I'm currently studying for a big exam, so to make things easy, my husband would just take her into our room, let her fall asleep, and then move her back to her room. I've been realizing though that this is forming a really bad habit, so last week I started trying to get her to go to sleep on her own again, like she used to be able to do no problem.

The first 2 nights were awful. (We ended up caving after hour + long freak outs, and she up fell asleep in our bed). The next 3 nights weren't too bad - I was able to lay her down in her crib and rub her back until she fell asleep. And then then night 6 was great! Lay her down and was able to leave the room, and she quietly fell asleep on her own just like old times.

Tonight though, we are right back to bedtime hell! We had a 2 hour freak out with my husband and I taking turns going to be with her. She ended up throwing up all over herself and her bed (which ALWAYS happens when we try to let her CIO, so we don't usually even attempt it. Plus, she NEVER gets to a point where she calms down no matter how long we let her go for. But I was at my whits end tonight and thought it was worth a try... I was wrong!)

HELP! Is this that 18 month Sleep Regression I keep reading about? Or teething? I don't know what to do! Even her naps, which have been easy for months, are starting to be difficult! The last 4 days she won't fall asleep at nap time either without me rubbing her back.

Anyone gone though this who had a kid who just magically went back to falling asleep on their own?


Cmoline32 - posted on 11/06/2012




My daughter is 25 months old now and she has gone through these phases since she was born. Seems to usually happen when her teeth are coming in, so I would pay close attention to signs of that. You haven't said anything about a bedtime routine, but we make sure to follow the same routine with her every night. You and your husband need to decide how you want to handle it when she does wake up upset and then follow through the same way each night. Don't bring her to your bed once or twice and then leave her to cry once or twice. It is sending mixed messages to her as to what will happen when she does this. You might also try a night light in her room, soft music, white noise. Around that age my daughter seemed to be frightened of being in the dark, so that's why I suggest the light. We also have a rocking chair in her room. If she wakes up, I sit and rock her for a short time (5 min) so that she is comforted and relaxed, then she knows I am going to put her back in bed. Hope things get better soon! I know it's frustrating. I am up for 2 hours some nights and then she'll sleep straight through for 2 or 3 nights.


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Kelly - posted on 11/14/2012




I agree with Christy. Have you read Healthy Sleep habits Happy child.? That book really helped me. Hope it works out for you an your little one.

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