how do i get my 2 yr old to brush her teeth?

Jamie - posted on 11/24/2009 ( 10 moms have responded )




she will eat the toothpaste off of the brush and doesn't want me to brush them


Melanie - posted on 11/25/2009




We sing a song and dance!!! It goes to the tune hokie kokie (do u know that one??) and it goes like this

" You Put your tooth brush in

Your tooth brush out,


You Shake it all about,

You Brush your teeth in circles and u turn around

and then u spit it out

woah, brush ur teeth in circles,

woah, brush ur teeth in circles,

woah brush ur teeth in circles

then u spit it out"

and sing it several times, my little boy loves it!!!!

It might help and its free!! We always turn around when we say turn around and just do all the actions!! xxx

Katrina - posted on 11/24/2009




my two year old son loves brushing his teeth all the time just brush your teeth with her and then teach her or smile and play with her so she can cooperate with you but either way it goes she only two years old and babys gonna eat the tooth paste anyway cause the love the flavor lol...

Dannielle - posted on 11/24/2009




well my daughter loves Dora so i baught a dora tooth brush and she loves to brush her teeth now, and if you buy the toddler toothpaste its not very thick and its clear and dosen't realy taste like anything so she dont want to eat it. (most kids toothpaste tastes like candy) . well hope i helped :)


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Stacy - posted on 11/27/2009




Try to get a timer, let her set it to 2 minutes, and make it fun for her. Tell her lets see how clean you can get your teeth.

April - posted on 11/27/2009




The dentist told me that chewing on the tooth brush and eating that off is better than nothing. If you have help you can do what the dentist did when he examed my daugh

ter. h


head was in my lap and i was holding


hands w

hile h

e looked and did w


t he did in

her mouth. it really makes it easier. s

he is 3 now and lets me brus


them and then i let her chew and do what s


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ants with t

he toot

h br


sh. we comp. lol

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If you brush your teeth at the same time, this can often help as children love to imitate.

Also have her teach her favourite doll to clean its teeth and then she maywell clean hers.

let her eat the toothpaste and then clean her teeth with just the toothbrush.

One step at a time


Margaret from

[deleted account]

My son is 3 and also mostly just likes to suck on his toothbrush...2 is not old enough to do this on her own...I let him brush his teeth while I sing the ABCs and then it is my turn and I brush his teeth while singing the ABCs then we're done, after flossing...I recently brought him in for a teeth cleaning and the dentist suggested that I brush his teeth 1x/day laying down so he gets used to laying down for an exam so we do that for his bedtime brushing.

Missy - posted on 11/25/2009




My daughter is 20 months. I let her brush first and then I take over. When it's my turn, I sing a song and when the song is over, so it brush time. If you let her brush them first, she might be more likely to give you a turn, too.

Hope this helps!

Shari - posted on 11/25/2009




My daughter likes the taste as well (20 months old) but we don't use toothpaste. We use the toddler tooth and gum cleaner. We go into the bathroom and she gives me my toothbrush (and daddy his if he is home). I let her brush my teeth and I say "AHHH" and she opens her mouth and I am able to brush her teeth. I then let her "brush" her teet but she really just chews on it. We also sing "Elmo's world" and stop when she closes her mouth so that she has to let us brush her teet to hear the song. She now runs to the bathroom in the morning and at night to get her teeth brushed! Hope this helps. Good luck!

Kati - posted on 11/24/2009




My 22 month old son loves to brush his teeth with an electric toothbrush. He thinks it's cool. Maybe try that approach.

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