how do i get my 2yr son from wanting me so much


Cecilia - posted on 06/01/2013




encourage him to be independent. Most parents hover a lil more than they need to and the child responds by thinking they need to be with you at all times. Seriously watch yourself and ask if you are sometimes being over protective.

Start by kinda forcing independence on him. start with a room in your house. When he isn't really caring if you're there, walk out. Leave him there. If he calls for you just tell him you'll be there in a second. Don't come right in. Make a snack to eat or get a drink, take your time. If he comes to where you are just put him back into the original room and tell him you'll be back.

When you go shopping let your son be on the ground helping you pick out things. Let him roam down the the aisles just a little. The more you show them you trust them the more they go for it. You do need to teach him the word stop and make it a game so he can learn. Do a stop go game and he will get it. If you say the word he has to do it. This allows you to keep him safe.

Other than that, maybe form or join a play group so he can interact with other children. At first yes he will keep calling you over to come play with him. Just say "it's okay hon, go play with your friends" He will realize you aren't coming to play and make new friends.

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