How do I get my 7 month to sleep all through the night?

Tracy - posted on 04/15/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




My seven month old daughter is still waking 2 to 3 times a night for a nappy change & a bottle of milk.

Does any moms know how I can get my daughter to sleep all thought the night?


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Shawna - posted on 04/17/2011




I have a 19 month old who is still waking up at least twice a night for a change and his milk... My oldest son was amazing sleeping through the night when he was 5 months old and my middle son still has not had a full nights sleep and neither has my 8 month old youngest son... good luck

Giacci - posted on 04/17/2011




I agree with the things that were said. My son woke up in the middle of the night only til he was 3 months old because I started putting rice cereal or oatmeal in his bottle to put him to bed. And when he started waking up In the middle of the night again it was around 6 months because he was in pain from teething. And cutting down the naps might help but all I did was the cereal in the bottle and let me tell u, it worked wonders. Goodluck

√v^√v^√♥ - posted on 04/16/2011




For sure, you sometimes have to retrain them by self soothing or crying it out methods. I started doing it with my 5 month old because he will whine for an hour when he needs to nap and it's aweful he struggles so much to sleep! Just working with him on the self soothing/CIO method has worked wonders.. but you have to determine if your child is really hungry or if they are waking up because they are on a natural timer you've gotten her used to.

Some people say upping feedings helps. Stuff them during the darker hours of the day, within the last 2 hours of the day give them 2 more feedings.. orr.. putting extra stuff into their bottles like the rice cereal. I cannot try it with my son yet but my mom said she had to do that with me at 4 months because I was so hungry..

Yep, also lessoning naps during the day helps... but it really depends. Good luck, and I'd start searching the internet on sleeping advice until you find one you can resonance with, as it took me a while to feel okay to try it with my son. He's so young, but fighting sleep that much I had to train him for naps and it's been working! yay

Sunshine - posted on 04/16/2011




My advice personally..

My son was like this til he was about 9-10 months old.. I always asked the doctor why is he always waking up.. I knew by then he should be Sleeping some what through out the night..

Try giving her ONE nap during the day around 12-2ish. Since I cut my son's naps down to once a day he has slept through out the night no problem.. Get her really full some nice warm milk 30 minutes before bed time followed by a drink of water :)

Thats what I did & My son sleeps through the night.. Now sometimes I had to let him CIO :* ( Some parents don't do this but its whatever works best for you GOOD LUCK

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