How do I get my almost 3yr old not to scream bloody murder when I put her on the potty? HELP!

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She screams and acts like it kills her. But if she gets in trouble and I ask her if she going to start, she'll run and sit there. She doesn't care if she sits in wet clothes or nothing. I need help. Any suggestions?


C - posted on 08/12/2013




Some kids are just scared of the toilet.
Incentive programs are really the best thing for the potty.
I wouldn't force her, she will get there.
I have seen free potty training kits avail from pampers, huggies or others, but I have, in the past developed a chart with stickers for my son. He got to put the star on the chart when he used the toilet and then he got a little treat... a small handful of m&ms or whatever.

This is a painful process.. lol.. I know! I've been through 4 of them, but it does happen, I promise :)

She will, believe it or not, get tired of sitting in a wet diaper and clothing, just be patient with her. Walk away from the tantrum and let her have it out her way. Next thing you know, you will pass the bathroom and she will be sitting on it herself! :)

Good luck Catherine!

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