How do i get my toddler to sleep all night?

Jennifer - posted on 10/06/2010 ( 8 moms have responded )




My son just turned 2. He has never slept through the night. Ever. He was diagnosed with an infant form of sleep apnea about a year ago, and has since had an adenoidectomy to rectify the breathing and snoring issues. Now, he just wakes up and wants something to drink. My husband says I'm spoiling him because I give him something to drink (sometimes up to 4 times a night). However, my husband isn't the one getting woken up, either!! HELP!!


Megan - posted on 10/12/2010




i have the same problem with my 22month old,and i was just my fiance that i wanted to get him checked for that sleep apnea,my older son when he was a toddler had the same problem wouldnt sleep through the night,tossed and terned would constantly ask for something to drink,come to find out i took him to a ears nose and throat doctor and his tonsilswere to large for his age and his adnoids were a problem also,so they took both out ,he was 3 then,and let me tell u what a difference,in everything with him his behavior his speach and sleeping was never a problem again!people dont realize when a kid doesnt sleep through the night and get silent pure rested sleep they need,most likely thet are going to be grouchy or ornery! so u might want to check in to that. thats what i am doing for my little one,because not only is it taking an effect on him its taking a serious toll on myself,and i am 6 months high risk pregnancy!


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Sofia - posted on 07/01/2016




Grandma did the thing they call 'attachment parenting'. Basically being there for the child. It works in. The long run!

LACEY - posted on 06/24/2016




I have the same problem except my daughter is 3 years old and has been diagnosed with central sleep apnea. And her specialist says because she didn't figure out how to comfort her self when she was younger. (My now 8 year old daughter who had colic and a cleft palate who i couldnt let cry all night cause of health issues didnt have any problems sleeping all night by 2 1/2). she wakes up with nightmares and sleepwalks. But when she stays at Grandmas (who picked her up when she was younger when she cried in the night) now she sleeps all night. Explain that? and any over the counter medication reccomendations would be great!!

Cara - posted on 10/09/2010




I have the same problem with my daughter. She will be 2 on thursday and still won't sleep all the way thru the night. She wakes up a few times a night for another sippy cup. It's even worse right now with her cutting more teeth. I try to ignore it for a few to see if she'll go back to sleep but I can't let her fuss too long since her daddy gets up for work at 4:30am. That and I am just so exhausted from trying to keep up with a 2 r old and being pregnant that it's easier to give in. I wish I knew something that would work.

Chelsea - posted on 10/08/2010




My son is 18 months now and has only been sleeping through the night for about 4 months. What i started doing was putting a sippy cup of juice or something that wont go bad in his crib with him and then when he would cry i would just let him, it took one night for about 3 minutes of crying then he went back to sleep himself and since then he just knew. if it is up to 4 times a night maybe just do that and then go in there in between times depending on how long it takes him to pick up on this. I still put a sippy cup in with him at nights but now most morning he wakes up its still full

Jennifer - posted on 10/07/2010




I have talked to his pediatrician about this wacky nighttime routine...she says to let him cry it out. He shares a room with his sister right now, so that's not really an option. Thanks for your suggestions, though...Where can i find a sippy that glows in the dark?

Crystal - posted on 10/06/2010




It seems as if he is waking up out of habit from his previous sleep apnea and maybe he really does need some water. Did you talk to your Dr. about it?

I would suggest teaching him to be self sufficient and getting him one of those glow in the dark sippy cups you can put next to his bed?

How long has this been going on after his surgery to correct the apnea?

Maybe he just needs a bit more time to adjust.

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