how do i go about potty training my 2yr old daughter


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Kellie - posted on 01/22/2009




I just recommend switching to underwear.  Do it when you can be home for 3-4 days straight.  Follow her around and whenever she goes tell her that's yucky and show her the potty.  Also keep telling her to tell you when she has to go potty.  I also helps to push fluids so you'll have more chances to train. 

Tara - posted on 01/22/2009




Hi there! I've come to give my best advice! My daughter refused to be potty trained until she was almost 3 so I feel your pain... Colored marshmallows. I put a jar of colored marshmallows in the bathroom where she could see it and told her what it was and what it was for. The first time I took her in the bathroom she pointed it out and told me what it was for, I was excited that she remembered! She went potty and I gave her a small handful and she kept using the potty after that. Potty trained in a week... If your daughter doesn't like colored marshmallows try something else that you think she'll like. Make it something that she doesn't get very often though, that seems to work the best! Good luck!

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