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My middle child is about to be five in July. She has been having these horrible tantrums where she throws stuff at me, hits me, kicks me, scratches me, bites me, and blurts out curse words to me. She also runs from me if I walk near her. Just last night she picked up my two month olds baby swing and threw it across the living room. I had to put my daughter who will be six in august and my two month old in the baby room with the door shut so they were not hurt in her rage. I feel like i have tried everything. I have tried holding her till she stops I have gotten down on her level and tried talking softly. I have tried spanking putting her by herself and even took things away from her. I have tried to get a child therapist or psychologist to see her and they say they wont see her till she is 6 or 7 years of age. It is to a point to where i am almost scared of her when she has these fits. I have no idea what to do anymore I cry everytime she has these fits because i am at a loss of what to do now. i feel like a horrible parent but i have tried everything. Please Help


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Go to your doctor and have her referred to a pediatric psychiatrist, there is absolutely no reason she can not be seen until she is 6 my son went to his first shrink at the age 4, he was exhibiting the same symptoms as your daughter is. He was diagnosed with ADHD and ODD once he was diagnosed we got extra help with him and he has learned how to cope with his disorder on and off his meds. I have a very nice polite 11 year old now so seek a second opinion.


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if u can't get any help from your doctor, i would call social services or cps depending on where u live (Canada or USA), they should be able to set you with a social worker, so that your daughter and family can get some help with why she is so angry.

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I would find another professional. I worked in a childrens psychiatric hospital and we had kids as young as 3 admitted for med. reviews. When they are that age they generally were admitted for uncontrollable/aggressive behavior vs. the suicide and other issues that can be present in teens. A lot of extreme ADD/ADHD cases. Anyways when your other kids are in danger it is time someone listens too you and figures out the core of the issue. Saying they won't see her til 6 or 7 is odd in my book. Simple tantrums are one thing but this seems far beyond. Find someone who takes the issue seriously. Pediatricians often have people they can recommend.

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