how do i start night potty training for my 3yrs old boy?


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Valerie - posted on 04/02/2012




I used pull-ups that created a cooling sensation when my son peed in them and also because they are easier for him to get off and on in the middle of the night to go. Make sure nothing to drink for at least 30 min before bed and always go potty right before bed. I didn't use pull-ups for day time training as it was just too easy for them to wet and move on without saying anything. Just know that boys have a harder time not wetting the bed. They do not make the same connection to wake up as quickly thats why the cooling sensation ones helped because it woke him up and that trained him to wake up and go potty. Good luck and be patient my son wet the bed until he was 5. now hes 8 and hasn't peed the bed in yrs and he takes water to bed with him for if he gets thirsty in the middle of the night. Some kids take longer to stop wetting the bed my brother did until he was 9 yrs old. it is common for boys to have that problem even until 10 yrs old.

Orange - posted on 03/21/2012




I've potty trained two boys - and witnessed my friends do it as well. The one thing I can say for certain is don't force it. Wait until they are ready and show signs (sleeping through the night dry, asking to go, being able to hold it during the day for 2 hours, telling you when wet diaper etc). Our doctor said the same thing. Then I did cold turkey - went straight to underwear as suggested by friends and Dr. They learn faster because they don't like being wet. Just be prepared to focus on it for a few days straight...without leaving the house. Set a timer and every 10 minutes try, then 15, then 20 then 30 etc... until he gets the connection between how it feels to need to go and going. Rewards charts are great too and if he loves fire trucks well...we put red food coloring in the potty and said "fireman Owen there is a fire in the potty, quick come put it out with your pee." Wierd I know...but it worked!! Good luck...patience and love is the key.

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