How do i teach her want being Hungry is ?

Tranika - posted on 03/31/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




Kylee always tells me she's hungry but it's crazy because she had just eaten a hour ago. I keep snacks around but she never wants them she wants food . i just don't know what to do its not like she's really hungry . i'm so worried


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Donna-Marie - posted on 04/02/2011




Hi there Tranika, if you are really worried as it is easy for me to say do not be, but if you are we now have to think of things for you to do to allay your concerns. I would suggest that you keep a food diary of everything that your daughter consumes for a week and I mean EVERYTHING. In the same diary you also have to state how active she is in the week, every thing that she does that you would say whacked her out and would be seen as Physical Activity and that does include walking, not around the house but outside with you or her dad, family of friends if out with them. If she attends a childminders/nursery you have to ask them to stick to your programme with you for the week (It's only a week). On completing it, appoint to sit with your Health Visitor and discuss your concerns. When they see that you have taken the time to monitor it, they will see that you are serious about getting it under control. If it is out of control her weight will reflect this and they can look at your food/activity diary and discuss a plan of action with you. If her weight is as it should be for her age they will reassure you and let you know that there is really nothing to worry about and to allow her to eat all things IN MODERATION. You can fill her moments of boredom with activity to take her mind off food. It's no good saying NO to a child so young you have to use distracters and that means doing something that will mean you have to be more active yourself but it will involve you interacting with her which she will like and you will also in time when you see that it takes her mind completely off what she uses to possibly fill a void. I hope this helps.

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How do you know she isn't hungry? Maybe she's going through a growth spurt. My girls recently went through a several month stage where they would start eating as soon as they got home from school and not stop until I made them stop to get ready for bed. Literally 3-5 hours of almost nonstop eating.

If she wants real food and not just junk.... let her eat.

Elizabeth - posted on 04/01/2011




Unless there is something your pediatrician is currently looking's very normal for a 2 yr old to have an appetite for everything she sees. Offer water if you are concerned sometimes they confuse hunger and thirst.

Jenni - posted on 03/31/2011




How is her weight gain? If it's normal it shouldn't be concerning. Just make sure you are providing her with healthy foods.

Sometimes I wonder where my 2 and 3 year old put all that food! My 3 year old is skinny and my 2 year old is thin as well but sometimes they out eat me!

When you're constantly on the go and growing you need the extra calories.

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