how do u start potty training a little girl of nineteen months

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s she is a quiet little girl and she is eager to learn i just want some ideas on starting it


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Brittney - posted on 05/03/2012




My daughter is 19 months, too. This worked for us when we were potty training her (at 15 months), a little bit of an age difference but I'm sure the concept is still the same. Get a potty she likes (we have comfy cushy potty), buy cloth training pants and regular underwear (pull ups slow things down acting like diapers and absorbing the wetness), put her on the potty every 30 minutes and praise when she goes, just take it a day at a time, don't expect her to be accident free for at least a month if not a little longer, dresses are great! you don't have to constantly pull up and down pants, naked time works too. When she pees, she will notice because who can ignore pee running down their legs? Watch her cues, Ruby holds her bottom if she has to poop and holds her front if she has to pee, then you can teach the sounds like chhhhh for pee (water running) and plllup (sound of poop dropping), you can teach the words pee, poop, or even potty. Once she is routine trained you can teach her to notice her own signals, let her experience a few accidents. If she doesn't tell you she has to go, don't worry it comes with time, my daughter has been trained for 4 months and only sometimes actually tells me she has to go (by saying potty, pee, or poop). You can try sticker charts or rewards, though I never tried those. Once you get rid of diapers, don't bring them back. Be patient, have persistence...the best time to put her on the potty (of course depend on the child) as soon as she gets up in the morning, before and after breakfast, before and after snack, before and after naps, baths, going places other than your home, before bedtime. Night training will also come later. Ruby was night trained at 18 months (for a month) and then suddenly went back to wetting the bed again, after 2 weeks of constant bed wetting, she is getting back to staying dry. (only on day 3) If she refuses to sit on the potty, try a potty ring on the big potty. Also, we had an open door policy with Ruby, she could watch us go potty (from the doorway). Thats how she got interested in the big potty, cause we don't go on her potty! Have her potty with her toys for a few days and let her explore it and if she wants to sit on it, let her sit on it, you can get books about potty training (the ones you can read to her), even though they are aimed at an older age. I found not to ask them if they have to go, because they will just say 'no', so just say "were going to try to go potty" or something around those lines. I have heard people have a potty chair in every room, but I think as long as you have her chair in an accessible location, it should be fine. We started out at 4 months with Ruby and it stayed in the bathroom, then when we moved it stayed in her room, while we were hardcore potty training, it stayed in the kitchen (tile floor is much easier to clean than carpet), now she refuses to use her little potty except at night time, so its back in her room. I think thats everything! If you have any other questions, let me know!

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my daughter is also very quiet. she is almost two and this has worked for me so far. get some pullups. in our house they are called big girl panties..haha. use an upbeat voice when you talk to her about wearing them. every time i change her i ask her "do you want to wear big girl panties today?" by making it her choice she will be more likely to want to do it. make "her" potty accessible at all times so she is exposed to it and knows it is ok to explore. we started with asking her if she just wanted to sit on it, fully clothed. she thought that was fun, then we started with asking her if she wanted to sit on her potty before getting into the bath tub since she was already naked. also, every time you need to go ask her if she wants to use the potty like mommy. encourage her to help pull up and push down her "big girl panties" if she thinks she is "helping" she will be happy because you will praise her for it. now every 30 minutes i ask her if she needs to potty, even if she says no, we go to the bathroom and ask again so she sees the potty. the good thing about having a girl is that she can wear dresses so it is much easier to just lift the dress and go than to worry about pants getting in the way. just don't get discouraged. and remember she wants to be like you so watching you go "pee pee" is the most helpful thing i have found. my daughter wants to be just like me so what i do, she wants to do. so far this has worked out in my favor..haha. i hope this helps!

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