How do we get a child to sleep in their bed?

Megan - posted on 11/03/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




My fiance and I still live in the same house as my father and sister so unfortunately our son doesnt get his own room right now. Our son has gotten used to sleeping when we do and wakes up when we do as well. He'll only sleep when he is in our bed.


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BethAnn - posted on 11/04/2009




I just posted this to another question, adjust bc you have boy and not a girl :)

have you tried a new bed time routine? I went through this recently while I was pregnant.and my daughter was 18 months as well.
the routine we used that took about a week to work completley....

Dinner time followed immediately by bath time, then potty and teeth brushing. get pajamas on and say goodnight to everything in the house (sounds stupid but lets her know her day is coming to and end and she wont see these things till tomorrow) ending with the toys in her room. we let her pick 2 books, one read by mommy first then say goodnight to mommy, daddy comes in and reads the 2nd book while sitting at the end of her bed NOT LYING DOWN WITH HER.this way she becomes used to the feel of such a big bed by herself. now when the 2nd story is over if she wasnt asleep already we leave a dim 20watt lamp on (nightlights arent bright enough) and play a lullaby CD tell her to lay down and close her eyes and SHUT THE DOOR! praise her big girl bed and tell her how happy you are that she will lie down in it! if she wakes up in the night go in and tell her to get in bed herself, offer a stuffed animal to "sleep" with her and say it is still night night time you can wake up when the sun comes out.

now my routine is not as effective when she is sick but when that happens we as moms learn how to deal with it. I try not to deviate as much as possible.

Also physically putting her in bed makes her associate negative feelings with her bed and she could become scared of it...her getting in herself encourages independence shows her she is responsible for going there.

Hope this helps!

Michelle - posted on 11/03/2009




persistance and a few sleepless nights. set a routine and pattern for the next two weeks. lay him down at the same time and using the same routine. crack the door and if he gets up simply put him back to bed with as little explaination possible. soon he will know that you ar seriuous and will be sleeping before you know it. persistancy and patience good luck.

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