How do you discipline your toddler?

Amanda - posted on 01/16/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




I need some help. I have two toddlers. Zara my daughter is three and my son Richie will be two in April. My daughter isn't BAD i think she is just.... I don't know. I give her warnings but she just laughs (which I know should only be one worning) and then I put her in time out. She sits there and screams, after three minutes (three minutes because she is three years old and that's how many minutes I read you should keep them in time out for in some parenting article) I get her out, kneel down to her level, explain to her why I put her in time out (hope she really understands) then I tell her I love her and give her a hug. Then a bit later she just does it again. She really doesn't listen at all. I'm a stay at home mom and this can get so exhausting. I feel like I'm doing something wrong. My son doesn't listen either he also laughs at me when I tell him no or stop. I don't put him in time out yet, should I be? I'm just confused. I feel like there is some discipline secret that every mom knows but me.
So please tell me what do you think is the best way to discipline your toddler?


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