how do you get a 2 year old to calm down at night

Kiara - posted on 08/01/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




she is always hyper never wants to sit ..likes to run around


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Mrsamy1980 - posted on 11/18/2015




I have 2 & 3 year old girls. They are good snappers, but not good at night. I've tried bath before bed, reading a story, rocking, and nothing seems to work. Any advice?

Erica Lynn - posted on 12/22/2013




my daughter is hard to handle.. I am 23 years old and I have 2 year old daughter and I am having a hard time getting her to listen to me... She wont sit in a cart when we go to a store, she throws a fit and screams making me look like I am a bad person.. When we dont put her in the cart she takes off and doesnt listen.. I have no clue what to do.. Her father had problems with this type of behavior when he was little and they found out that he had ADD and ADHD.. Someone please give me some advise for a new mom

Natalie - posted on 08/03/2010




For our 2 yr old we have never been overly strict with times but our general routine is tea, bath, quiet play time. We usually encourage him to play by himself at this time as we find he is quieter and calmer when he plays by himself. Then he picks his story to take to bed for my husband to read for him. We have also always given him warnings that bedtime is coming. Over the last month he has been great and he goes and gets the book he wants to read and tells us "bed now". Every night now he happily goes to bed listens to his story and then rolls over and goes to sleep. He is always in bed by 7.30 now which is wonderful. I believe it has worked for us because we have never made it an issue as what time he goes to bed therefore we havent had any pressure/stress to have him in bed and settled by a certain time. This had paid off for us but as we know what works for one doesnt necessarily work for another. Good Luck

Jeneva - posted on 08/01/2010




The more tired she gets, the more hyper she will seem. She will just want to move and run so she doesn't fall asleep. The best thing to do is have a very strict bedtime routine and stick to it as much as possible. Also give her a warning on what's coming up (ex: she is eating dinner, tell her when she's done it will be bath time then teeth brushing, etc.). Even after all of that my daughter still fusses and cries to stay up but after closing her door and quietly sitting and talking to her she calms down and comes to me to read. It only takes a couple minutes and then we go through the rest.

You just have to remain calm yourself and reassure her that she'll have a fun day tomorrow after getting a good night's sleep.

Amanda - posted on 08/01/2010




We have a strict bedtime routine. We eat around 5 pm, at this point if my son was watching a dvd it goes off. Then after dinner we clean up so that around 5.30-5.45 its bathtime. Both my son (2) and my daughter (10 months) go in together for one last play, then its ready for bed and into pyjamas by 6pm. He is then allowed 1 toy out and the rest he made to put away so we are ready for our last milk drink at 6.15pm. He is allowed to play a quiet game until his sister is put to bed at 6.30 - 6.45pm then we read a book and have a cuddle and he is in bed and asleep by 7.15pm.

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