How do you get your 4-year old to listen?

Jennifer - posted on 09/21/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have a 4-year old girl who never listens. I feel like I constantly repeat myself bc she doesn't do what I ask the first time around. We have a rule chart posted and a responsibility chart posted which really isn't working too well. I feel like I am in battle with her all the time.

Any tips??


Brandy - posted on 09/22/2012




maybe you should stop repeating yourself, i mean as a mom i realize you have to repeat yourself sometimes but you shouldnt have to constantly everyday. i think its great to have charts but there should be direct consistant consequenses for not following the rules in my opinion. do you dicsipline your child? im assuming you do, and maybe thats the problem maybe your dicsipline tecniques need to be changed. we use alot of redirection and positive re enforcment but now that my daughter is going to be 4 soon we have started standing her in the corner which ive only had to do once, i have been taking away privleges and thrown away toys and now that she is in preschool she doesnt get bored as easily and has new ideas for games too. My daughter tries to argue with me sometimes but me and my husband grew up being told that is disrespectful and so we dont tolerate it. she's old enough now that if i tell her to do something and she has something to say about it i will listen because she might have a question or something she needs help with but really other than that she is expected to do it. if she argues or doesnt listen there are no warnings she is sent to her room or punished in some way like standing in the corner. then when the punishment is over she is told again to do it and if she doesnt she is punished again. which never happens. i am not mean to my child i dont order her around all the time or anything, as a matter of fact she's a bit spoiled but she isnt rude to me or anyone else and she listens very well and im proud to be able to say that because she has not been an easy child at all, but shes happy and she loves us she tells me about 30 times a day lol, our biggest problem is she doesnt have a concept of personal space which i understand alot of 3yr old dont but she is to extreems about it, got any advice?

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