How do you get your picky eater to eat?

Katherine - posted on 05/06/2012 ( 6 moms have responded )




A day we cannot wait for. Until then, these are some of the things parents of picky eaters have done to get their kid to eat. Even just one more bite. Judge not lest you have a superbly picky eater as well.

Feed them cereal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner because it's the only thing he'll eat.
Keep the TV on for all meals because for some reason watching Super Why gives your kid an appetite -- or just zombie enough to open mouth when you put food in front of her.
Let them sit on your lap since that's the only way they'll eat.
Try the Alicia Silverstone "ABC" food method.
Make the characters in books "eat" the food first so child thinks it's cool when the Lorax "munches" on fish and so she eats it as well. Just be sure to wipe book off after.
Dip everything in yogurt since yogurt is the only thing the child will eat.
Dip everything in ice cream.
You've heard of hiding broccoli in things like pizza, but when that doesn't work, you get creative and hide things in cookies.
Painstakingly cut food into fun shapes or arrangements.
Call spaghetti "worms" or beans "fart machines" and laugh your way through hopefully at least a few bites.
Stay at the table for an hour or more if that's what it takes to get child to eat.
Make up elaborate stories about the food complete with song, high fives, and dancing if that's what it takes.
Not flinching when they eat something off the floor only because hey, she's eating something!

Remember, I'm not saying to try all these things, but these are things parents have tried, mostly to little long-term success. Picky eating is just one of those stresses we may have to wait for our kid to grow out of.

Fess up! What questionable things have you tried to get your picky eater to eat?


Medic - posted on 05/07/2012




I refuse to bend over backwards to get my picky daughter to eat....we now have rules.

I am not a short order cook
Sit at the table to eat
You don't eat you don't get anything till next scheduled meal or snack
If I make something I know without a doubt one of the kids do not like they get peanut butter sandwiches.
No whining/ I don't care
and your dinner can wait till next meal.

so far they are all still alive.

Kimberly - posted on 05/06/2012




LOL really you want to know ALL the things we've had to do?!?!?! I have gotten the whole family involved( aunts, niece, nan, pop etc) to dance around and do tricks simple so she would laugh and open her mouth, walk around the house or neighbourhood with veggies and meat getting her to have little bits at a time, hide in a cupboard and had my husband pull her around in a wagon stopping at the station to get a 'ticket' aka bit of food, feed her in the bathtub, feed her and ten of her dolly friends at a picnic, take her to the park for picnic dinners and I could still go on!!!! But at the end of i all she is eating better and does eat pretty healthy, not a whole lot at a time but ok. Do what it takes to get them to eat then fix the other problems later!!!!


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Rebekah - posted on 05/07/2012




I gave up trying ALL the things out there to get my picky eater son to eat and just made rules for meal time and stuck with it.

Our rules are as follows:
- No toys at the table
- You must try everything on your plate (even if just 1 bite)
- Cannot leave the table until everyone else is done
- If you don't eat, early bedtime

I also made sure I had set meal times and only 1 snack time in the day. I make sure I have something new with each meal and I always have at least 1 thing I know he really likes on his plate. I put a small amount of food on his plate of each thing and he is to ask for more of something after he has tried everything on his plate, then he can have as much as he wants of whatever was served.

This has worked best of all out of everything I have tried.

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