How do you get your toddler potty trained to poop on potty?

Jennifer - posted on 05/24/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




My son is completely trained to pee in the potty and doesn't have accidents. On the other hand, after having been trained to pee on the potty for almost 5 months, he has NEVER pooped on the potty.
I don't know why he doesn't want to do it and I don't know how to help him. He'll hold it for days until his tummy is hurting him and I have to give him a laxative.
I put a fiber supplement powder in his juice, he eats tons of "salad" (lettuce and italian dressing) so I know he's getting enough fiber. Sometimes he asks for a pull-up or diaper so he can go potty and I put it on him because I don't want him to get constipated if he has to go.
I am not a first time mom, he's my 2nd child. My older son is 12 but we never had this issue with him. I have NO idea what to do for this! We promised him that if he goes poo-poo on the potty we'll get him whatever car he wants (he's all about toy cars).
Any ideas?
Thank you,


Danielle - posted on 05/24/2011




What I have read, and how we are in the midst of training our son... is when he is ready to poop (and if he required a diaper or pull-up) is to have them start to move the bowel, and then scurry them to the toilet and then proceed to take off the diaper/ underwear, so that the stool falls into the toilet giving the impression of a complete passage into the potty.
We have done that a couple times already, and then once he stands up and realizes that the poop is in the potty he starts getting more encouraged by the process. Of course we praise him for "pooping in the potty", and we reward him for going in the potty.
Then we take the potty and we dump it in the big toilet and wave "Goodbye poop, see you tomorrow."
Some children are uneasy about the sensation of something physically leaving their bodies.

I sometimes think that pooping in the toilet (for a toddler) would compare to the uneasy sensation of throwing up for an adult. It isn't something that one does often, and it can be a scary, anxious, vulnerable time.

I would keep giving him the supplements of fiber to keep flushing his system. If he wants the pull-up on make sure you have the potty close. If you miss it, then take him to the potty and as you are pulling down his underwear have him start to sit on the potty so you can dump it in from his undies, and start giving him that assurance.
Slowly, but surely!
Good luck!


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Shari - posted on 08/21/2016




My son potty trained #1 -- no problem. For #2 he did not want to use the toilet and waited until we put him in a diaper at night. I tried during a hurricane season when I was home for a week keeping him out of a diaper and he ended up holding it. I asked him how old he thought he should be before doing it in the toilet and he told me. I reminded him that when he got to that age he would be ready. And frequently before he turned that age. Sure enough, at the end of the day of his birthday, I reminded him. He sat down, looked confused for a minute and then did it.

Jcdelgaudio - posted on 05/29/2013




Hi moms should use the towel potty training method ny friend joy uses that method for potty training her son.

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