How do you keep hair out of her eyes?

Tobi - posted on 07/25/2009 ( 14 moms have responded )




She won't let me put anything in her hair! If I do get a clip in, she pulls it out right away no matter how much I try to get her to stop.

Should I just cut it?


Karen - posted on 07/27/2009




in the begining my daughter was like that, so i started making a big deal about putting things in her hair and showing her what she looked like in the mirror. she is 1 and a half and loves putting her hair up, wearing sun glasses, hats, and head mands, as long as she can see herself when its done and help she's ok with it. i let her brush her hair and mine. some days i leave her hair down and its in her face, but she has learned to brush it out of her face when needed. you may find that you will have a harder time cutting her hair then leaving it.

Kellie - posted on 07/27/2009




hey Tobi i think its best to give your daughter a fringe and the best bet is for you to cut it while she sleeps,i know you are scared of it being crooked,just dont cut it to short keep it longer(mistakes less noticable..ha ha),eybrow length...its best as they can get eye strain from trying to look through their hair all the time..and just a tip start taking her to visit the hairdresser when you go and get her comfortable with the process..good luck.


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Melissa - posted on 10/13/2011




My daughter's hair was growning in with a layered look and the bangs were getting in her eyes. I took her with me to my hairdresser. She was so out of her element she was more cooperative with a stranger than with me trying it at home. We let her wear the children's cape with fish on it and that caughter her attention. She wouldn't sit in the chair alone so I sat down and she sat facing me. The hair dresser worked over my shoulder and cut just the bangs. I have since tried it at home with great success, I just warn you not to cut them too short like I did the first time! I did however enlist the help of her favorite grandmother to entertain her with an interesting toy for the minute it took to cut it. Since she's 2, I let her choose between 2 hair accessories when getting dressed. It helps her to feel empowered by making her own decision, while I get what I want- the hair pulled back somehow!

Debbie - posted on 10/11/2011




Deidre - trim the ends of your daughter will grow in nice and thick

Rebecca - posted on 01/21/2011




my daughter is 17 months and she has the same problem, she wont let us cut he bangs, she cries and runs away if we try to put her hair in a pony, it horrible. and she has super cute little curls at the ends of her hair that i dont want to cut off. i dont know what else to do.

Erin - posted on 07/28/2009




I like those "one use" elastics, you usually get them in a package of around 100 and are multi coloured. She can't take them out as they are too tiny but otherwise she's just like yours, I can't put anything else in her hair or its pulled out in seconds.

Jennifer - posted on 07/27/2009




you could have a hair party you do hers and she does yours then leave it in all day also when mine did that we put pig tails in called them dogey ears (there obsesed with dogs) and made abig deal out of it have her model for pictures or show somone outside the home grandma always worked for me just find somthig to get het mind off it for like a half hour and she'll probably forget about them but most kids want to be just like mommy so if you put yours up she'll want hers up to

Jennifer - posted on 07/25/2009




I have two girl 5 and 21months and the first time I cut my 5 year olds was when she was 4. But the littliest hair is much different and so I had to take her in to get her bangs cut. I recommend just doing it your self and give her a ice cream or sucker on the counter because I have took her in about three or four times just to cut her bangs and they have been crecked each time. So it is better to do it yourself and save the money then pay for it and it be crecked anyway. :)

Jude - posted on 07/25/2009




Is it bothering her? My daughter doesn't like anything in her hair - unless she's in the mood for a braid - so she spends most of the day pushing her hair out of her face. Still, it doesn't seem to bother her. She looks a mess, of course, but she's little - it doesn't really matter. If it doesn't bother her to have her hair in her face, maybe you should just let it go until she's old enough to start wanting to look pretty.

Tobi - posted on 07/25/2009




How do you cut it? She won't let me near her hair with scissors or anything else! I guess if it's just the bangs I could do it when she's asleep but I'm afraid it would be crooked!
Thanks for all the help!

Amy - posted on 07/25/2009




I have the same problem but my daughter will actually let me put a pony tail in, but her dad does'nt want her to have bangs so the hair is in her eyes I keep telling him when her hair is thicker or I can keep a clip in it maybe she could get rid of her bangs

Jeanine - posted on 07/25/2009




It's funny you say that! my daughter is the same way! She is 3 now and still won't let me put anything in her hair. I just have it cut in the style like victoria beckham's haircut with the bevled/angled style with bangs. It has a childish way about it so she doesn't look like a grown up and everyone loves it. Try that.

Deidre - posted on 07/25/2009




If it's in her eyes maybe just give her bangs. I'd most likely leave the rest though. My daughter is 14mo and no where near having this problem lol, my baldy. I'm hesitant even thinking about my daughter's first haircut so this is probably what I will do when the time comes, just trim the hair that is in her way.

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