How long did it take you to potty train your toddler?

Lucinda - posted on 01/31/2010 ( 10 moms have responded )




HI everyone my daughter is 29 months and friday we started potty training her. We've been home friday yesterday and today all day with her. Basically we just got rid of the diapers and have been putting her in big girl underwear. Today she actually did a poopy because I caught her before she got it out. The most frustrating thing though is that she runs to the bathroom after she's started to go which after dealing with this for 3 days I'm really starting to loose it.. Just wondering how long its taken everyone else to get here little ones trained, I'm already ready to throw in the towel i feel like she's just not getting it. part of the problem is when she does go she only sit still for a minute then want to get off the potty, (and I know she still has to go) but she insists upon getting off. I've tried distracting her but there is only so much I can.. would love again to know howlong its taken everyone else to get there little ones trained and any advice. thanks so much!


Claressa - posted on 12/11/2013




Its hard to say every child is definitely different. My first daughter it was easy she was potty trained in a week my current two year old will say potty after she goes or go get a pull up while she is going. I don't get it. I'm starting to get frustrated but I cant give up I'm sick of buying pulls ups and wipes.

Cassandra - posted on 12/10/2013




Oh my goodness. Why did you wait so long to start? Child psychologists have found that introducing potty training to your child at 1 year is ideal. It gets them accustomed to what will be a huge part of their life at a stage where they are more acceptable to change in their environment. My son was started at 1 year (actually on his birthday) and he was urinary trained in 5 months, and bowel trained after 1 year. By his 2nd birthday, he was wearing big boy underwear during the day and pull-ups at night. Now at 3 1/2 he is fully potty trained (regular big boy underwear night and day). He hasn't had an accident in a little over a year. You need to stick with it, its going to be a long frustrating road. Set a timer for you and her to go off every 30 minutes. Then calmly take her in to sit on the potty. If she wants to get up in 2 seconds, let her. Never force her to stay or she will hate going in the bathroom at all. You as the parent have to accept the fact that for the first 6 months or so (longer for you because your daughter is starting late) accidents are going to happen and you will be scrubbing pee out of the rug and doing laundry every day. But in the end, as long as you never give up, it is totally worth it. Not just for you (not having to buy diapers all the time, etc.) but for her as well. It is a major step toward the independence that she will crave if she doesn't already. If you feel over whelmed, just remember that it isn't her fault. She doesn't know any better. Good luck in your journey.

Jeanine - posted on 02/01/2010




well we started too early at 18 months because I felt my mom was saying we were potty trained by 2 when inreality it was she who was potty trained. Like everyone else who told me it depends on the child and no matter what age they will get it and it doesn't make them better than another if they get it later than another.
So we were on and off with our daughter from 18 months until about 3 and a few months. We really worked hard with her around 2 1/2. She got it about her 3rd bday and then had a set back around 2 months after because of her little baby sister. Htose things will happen. She has had accidents along the way at school and home but she has it down pretty good now at 31/2. Only have to work it out at night now.
Good luck hope this helped.

Renae - posted on 12/18/2010




I am about to start potty training soon, so cant give you an answer from experience. But, I have read many times that once the child is ready it will take 2 or 3 weeks and there are few accidents. Apparently starting before they are ready does not make it happen sooner, it just makes it take longer to get there.

Brittany - posted on 12/02/2010




Once I have the answer I will let everyone know. My daughter is 22 months old and we started potty training her about a month ago. It took her an entire week to stop wetting herself 10 times a day. I kept a journal of all the incidents she had. After the first week I decided to let her remain naked and that worked tremendously well. Within a matter of a day, she had figured out when she needed to go, I put her on the potty every half an hour. She hated sitting on the potty so I would give her a fruit snack just to get her to sit down. I gave her a whopper and did a potty dance everytime she was successful. We still have accidents after a month, and if I dont remind her to try to sit on the potty, she just goes down her leg and says "Uh oh!"
It is the most frustrating pareting experience I have been through so far, and we are planning on taking a 7 hour road trip. I dont want her back in a diaper but I don't want to wash the carseat all the time either. Good luck!


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Christina - posted on 12/05/2013




We started training my 3 year old boy just after he turned two and it was with my husband. It didn't work - he was too young and there was no understanding. Tried again at 2.5 and again with hubby and gave up after the second day. Finally a few weeks ago we started noticing that he would take his iPad to the nappy bin and stand there to do his no. 2 and when he was done he would ask for mommy or dadda to change nappy. So finally I could tell he was mentally and emotionally ready. Two weeks ago I downloaded about 6 apps on the iPad on potty training for him to watch and bought two story books on potty training. Also for two weeks we went to the toilet to dump his poo from his nappy and said bye bye. I also let him watch me do pee and poo for two weeks. I bought various toys for a reward. Finally the big day was Monday this week and we did pee every hour and then every 1.5 hours. First day only one pee accident. Second day only one poo accident. Third, fourth and fifth day no accidents. For two nights since Wednesday nappy dry from night time. Poo is hard but we get there after waiting a while. Rewards and bribes works as well as him being ready. Patience, lots of soft voices, lots of hugs and bribery works a treat. It's all about preparation.

Jacqueline - posted on 12/20/2010




My daughter is 16 months and day trained. I think the real underwear will help alot. Try not to get frustrated and reward anything she does right. Stickers work for my little one even if she says she has to go but doesn't. We also keep a basket of toys next to the potty to keep her interest. Not sure what type of potty your using but we let our daughter go to the store with us and pick one out. Good luck!

Sarah - posted on 12/10/2010




My best advise is not to rush it or act upset about it with her. It will happen naturally. My son was allergic to anything but Parent's Choice diapers so he didn't even wear pull-ups. But when we went out in public I put him in a diaper and still took him to the bathroom and at home, he wore boxers. But every hour or so, I'd ask him if he had to go. Keep reminding her. Also, I made it a rule no drinks past 6:30-7pm unless it's a small cup of water. This helps with bed wetting. He got his own little toilet for his 2nd birthday, but that was a waste of money. He never wanted to use it so I just made him sit on the real toilet and of course instead of using the bathroom he wanted to play with the handle!! It took about six months for him to finally have it down but after being consistent everyday, it paid off and trust me I was jumping for joy. I'd get so excited and call my mom(Grandma) But I do know boys are different from girls. Oooohhh yeah, buy potty training dvds. There's one with Elmo at Walmart. And books on it too..mine loves reading and cartoons. Give it some time though and try not to get frustrated. And from the previous post rewarding them with a few m&m's helps to...She'll catch on. All this effort pays off. I promise.

Christina - posted on 01/31/2010




My son just turned 3 and we are still working on him. He will go, but you have to cath him in time. We started training him when he was 2 in a half. And he still hasnt gottin it down. Although boys are harder....

Try and give her some m&m's or something like that. 3 for peeing and 5 for pooping. that is what we do for our son. just a thought though..Let me know how it goes!

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