How many times do a 1year old should eat

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I dont have a given time for eating for my daughter and you find that she can eat heavy meal in the morning when she wakes up. I was wondering if that is okay.


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why wouldn't it be okay? Unless she is getting fat. Feed her as much as she wants with healthy snacks in between but make sure to leave enough time so she is hungry for a meal.
This is a good site for ideas- and keep junk out of the home. If it isn't there it cannot be eaten.

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I have worried and worried that my daughter was eating enough food for lunch or dinner. I searched the internet for clues on how much she should be eating and then placed a call to her pediatrician.

I was told that she should be offered 3 meals, breakfast being the largest meal. She should also be offered 2-3 smaller snacks throughout the day. Most mornings she gets a scrambled egg and a piece of fruit or bacon or sausage. About 1 1/2 hours later she gets a small snack of a veggie or crackers and this tides her over to lunch time. She does not really eat a "big lunch" usually just a few bites of everything and is done. A snack later in the afternoon and then dinner she is pretty good at eating.

Also, are you giving your daughter milk throughout the day? I found that I was giving her too much milk and that was filling her up instead of the food. She drinks milk in the morning, mid afternoon and after dinner if she wants.

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Some people say our largest meal should be breakfast. My rule of thumb when children are young, is feed them whenever they are hungry, and the amounts they want (as long as its healthy food).

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Some people talk about setting out a tray or muffin tin with healthy snacks or veggies in it, and leaving it where the child can graze on it as desired. I do not find it practical to let food out. My children normally eat what I eat when I eat it. And they are growing well. I hadn't seen the grazing idea posted, and thought it might work better for you than for me. Good luck finding a healthy balance.

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Hello I remember when my daughter was that age and although every child is different we used to feed healthy snacks inbetween meals try to focus on the three major meals and have fun trying new foods and different ideas make feeding time fun not a chore best of luck

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You need to start a routine now. Start doing breakfast lunch and dinner with bottles between

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She needs a basic routine, so her brain knows this is the time" as to say... else she may be only ruled by her stomach, and thats not always the best guide.

Feed X3 Healthy meals, and couple times in between healthy snack foods.

If she she your habits of times to be feed , she will learn.

Appropriate portioned meals for her age,ones stomach as a 1 yr old should not have to fell they are feed until they pop.

Porridge, proper breakfast like cereal the am, with toast, fruit, and a drink.

Each day make it a bit different eg: Egg and toast, fruit and a Drink.

Healthy Lunch, with fruit.

After noon, HElathy Snak.

Example: Then Main meal Mash Potatoe, Mince, Veg ... after main meal .... Not huge servings.

Other meals can be done with rice etc..... Pasta...... Bit not huge servings...

After meals nite time, if you think she is still hungry serve ONLY fruit. EG Banana,mash apple.

Heavy meals to late at night, needs some how to burnt up... best to fed a bit earlier then a "snack just before bed".

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Well, depends what time the meals are served and what kind of child you have. Mine would not eat "biggest meal of the day" so cooked food (aka meat, carbs and veggies) for breakfast, she is barely awake then so we stick with cereal like oatmeal. I think that breakfast should contain the slowest releasing food, not be the "biggest" meal of the day. If your daughter wants to eat full blown breakfast like eggs/sausages/beans/toast at 8am, so what - some kids are like that. But do see what time is her last meal of the day and if possible move it a bit later - by that I mean that if she eats last meal at 5pm and nothing after that, it is to be expected she is famished by 8am.

I found that with my daughter, the best is - medium breakfast (cereal with yoghurt/full fat milk), lunch (egg on sandwich or normal sandwich with fresh vegetables on side - paprika, cucumber etc and glass of yoghurt/milk) and proper cooked dinner around 4:30-5pm. She also gets some fruit/crackers/cheese/cookie in between and has a sort of hybrid meal before bed - something lighter. If the dinner is a bit later she often just wants a glass of milk before bed.

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The biggest meal of the day should be breakfast and should include some kind of protein.

The supper should be the lightest.

Amy - posted on 06/02/2010




my advice would be to give her a smaller meal for breakfast like fruit or cereal and then give her a sandwich/ snacks for dinner and a big cooked meal for tea

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