How many times do you apply lotion to your babies skin?

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Me and my hubby are torn on this lol. I might over do it and let me know if I am, but he is 23 mo and 99% of the time hes been born I have put lotion on him when he gets up and after his bath at night. His skin gets really dry if I dont put lotion on him everyday, I guess I can drop to just once a day, if 2 times is too much.
My husband is dead set on that since I put lotion on his skin everyday, that his skin is used to the lotion bringing moisture to his skin and if I continue putting lotion on him everyday his skin wont know how to keep itself moisturized.
Well Idk if I believe this, but if Im wrong tell me lol I just feel like if his skin gets dry easy, its just a good way to prevent it. I use Johnson's baby lotion and bath soaps/shampoos. I love the brand but does anyone know of any products thats safe and affordable for babies who do get dry skin easily?


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I bathe my son every night except for when he is very ill. I also apply lotion after every bath. I am sorry, but I do disagree with your spouse. I believe that we should apply lotion after every bath, no only because it moisturizes a young child's skin, but mostly, because through touch, your child feels your love and that is something that should be continued through their younger years until they bathe themselves.

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Hey I think you're fine putting lotion twice a day. I usually do once after her bath for my 18 month old and some days twice especially on her face and back where she's dry. Some kids have dry skin and need lotion. Some don't. In my daughters case it's not eczema but she gets dry in the winter. So we use the thickest aveeno lotion on offer. Tried oil in bath but as my doc says they're isn't enougb moisture in her body for the oil to lock in. I have the same kind of skin as well.

Agree that you should try to get the most natural product you can afford. But don't beat yourself up, baby products on the market undergo testing and can't be out there if they aren't safe. As with everything else there are dangers to most things but nothing to get stressed about :)

I wouldn't do blistex though. What I do is a dab of baby Vaseline or oil if not too dry (try butter) and if it is cracking or worse I put on a lanolin product (like boob cream that I had left over).

Hope that helps.

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wow! I didnt know that Johnson and Johnson's was bad, gosh Im probably the one causing his issues. We used to use the non scented detergents but we switched over when he was about 1 or so, to make it more affordable and I havent seen any change from that. But I also use Johnson's bath products, so I need to choose different! Ill do my research

Since we've been having cold weather his cheeks have been chapped and irritated and I have been using Johnson's soothe and protect balm stick. Do you all think that isnt the best choice either? Is there any other products out there for this issue?

Also what about blistex? lol his lips are terribly chapped and I have been using this once a day, they have got a little better but it has literally been weeks we've been trying to rid of it.


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Babies have much less natural body moisture than adults. I put lotion on my almost 2 yr old in the am between pajamas and getting dressed, and at night after a bath, or before pajamas. It isnt weird to put lotion on your kiddo. You are a parent doing whats best for your little one.

Mass merchant magic, j&j, have more chemicals and scent to them than moisturizers. look for products that are natural, go to health food stores, or even GNC to find healthy alternatives. use non scented detergents to help as well. good luck to you

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I think that unless there is a some sort of skin disease, there is no need to put anything on baby's skin. If his skin is dry try to see why it is dry, it could be from Johnson products-do you use soap in bath every day?.
When my daughter was small, we used soap only on the butt region and only every few days for the whole body, if that much. Babies don't really get dirty. If her skin was dry, we would ocasionally put some baby oil or olive oil in the bath.
We have never used any lotion on her skin. I think that if child's skin is dry, its caused by some environmental factors such as heat/detergent/too much soap/wrong soap so the solution is to remove the cause and not to add lotion.

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I have never put lotion on any of my children. My 2nd child does have eczema but usually just reacts to soaps. My children don't have dry skin and we live in a hot climate so I'm tending to agree with your husband.

Johnson's is also one of the worst brands for babies. There are better more natural ones around.

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