How much milk/juice/water does your toddler drink?

Sherrey - posted on 06/04/2012 ( 9 moms have responded )




How much liquid does your toddler drink a day? How much juice, water and milk? I have a constipated almost 20 month old. He has had small hard stools since he switched to milk at 1 year. Now they are so hard they leave imprints on his bottom. A nursery worker at church said she noticed him straining and he seemed in pain. He pretty much only drinks milk, which his Dr. said is fine. I am now introducing apple juice and water daily. He usually drinks 20 ounces of milk a day but I am cutting back due to the constipation. Any advice is appreciated.


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I think it depends on the child my daughter doctor said that I was giving her too much milk and she kept having constipation issues, so I had to cut back to only 20 ounces of milk.

Elfrieda - posted on 06/04/2012




My 2yo son is not a very good drinker. He drinks probably two cups of liquid a day if it's a good day. I give him milk with breakfast and supper, and water the rest of the day, maybe with some lemon juice (he loves sour!) or juice mixed into it to entice him to drink more.

When he's constipated, my immediate go-tos are pears, raisins, and prunes. I also cut back on the cheese and bananas and crackers. It works every time, usually within a few hours, but always within 2 days.

My friend's daughter is lactose-intolerant, and the first clue was that she was always constipated. You might want to investigate that a little more, maybe cut out all dairy for 2 days and see what happens.

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My daughter until she was 2 years had just milk, then at 2 I switched her to milk in the morning and at night before bed and with meals, and just water the rest of the day, no juice. I have no idea how much she drinks in total, since we just kept her water bottle full of cold water. But she has about 6 oz of milk in the morning and at night and another 4oz with lunch and 4oz with dinner.

She loves raisins, so when she gets the little hard round poo (rabbit poop) I usually give her a brothy soup for lunch and raisins and chopped cherries (fresh if I can find them, otherwise dried) for snack.

If he's eating cheese, cut that out for a few days. That seems to be the worst culprit for my daughter, her daddy is a "dairy monster" and she's following his footsteps. She LOVES cheese.

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Apple juice will sort this out. My daughter has had organic apple juice since she was 6 weeks old because of constipation. Offer the apple and juice mix between feeds and make sure there is enough fruit and veg in his diet. Try and cut out some carbohydrates and add more veg. This helps alot and makes it more comfortable for little one to pass his poop!

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My daughter who is 2 probably drinks about 8-10 6oz cups of water a day, one of juice and three of milk. But she loves to drink water. Our son is the same way and he is 5.


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Brittney - posted on 06/04/2012




Ruby drinks 12 ounces of milk a day, all other sources are from fruits/vegetables (1 cup watermelon= about 4.5 ounces of water), she isn't constipated. She has fluid restrictions otherwise she would be peeing left and right and make her urethra irritated again. I would stay away from constipating foods (bananas are one of them) and increase his water intake.

Edit- forgot to mention Ruby is technically 20 months

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My son drinks nothing but milk..once in a while he will drink some juice or water but rarely. We go through a gallon of milk every 2 days..Im not quite sure whats going on with your li'l could be the switch to milk..try 2% milk..thats what my son drinks.

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