How old should a child be to learn learn to write and spell their names?


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Gabrielle - posted on 03/19/2009




My 2.5-yr-old is already working on learning to recite the letters of her name (spelling it verbally) and she can easily recognize it written down. My first name is very long, so my parents made a song for me, to the tune of the Mickey Mouse Club, to help me. I'm using another Disney song to help my daughter, and it gives me a personalized song to sing to her.

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Writing their name is something you want them to master in kindergarten (if they haven't already mastered it in preschool). Every child is different. It depends on their fine motor skills and how well they are able to hold and control a pencil. Gabriela had some good suggestions. Your child can also make the letters of his name using playdough or fingerpaint. It's also easier for them to hold fat crayons and pencils. Most schools don't use the skinny pencils until second grade. As far as spelling goes, I would teach him to spell it before teaching him to write it. You can do this by repetition and spelling his name for him every day. You can also spell it using magnetic letters that can go on the refrigerator. Teaching my son how to spell his last name is going to be a challenge so I have been making up little songs that teach him how to spell it. Good luck! :-)

Gabriela - posted on 03/18/2009




I would reccommend that you teach the child his/her name the way they'll be writing it which is first letter capital letter the rest lower case. Also buy tag strip write their name in marker and have them trace it using clay. This will help them with letter recognition. After that just begin wrting it and having them trace it. Hope this helps

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