How Potty train twin girls?

Carol - posted on 11/13/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




Please, does someone has some tips or advice on how to potty train 20 month old twin girls ?

I am first time mom, I don't have a clue how to do it. Thanks


Sarah - posted on 11/13/2013




20 months is still pretty young for potty training. So my first question would be are they interested? If they are not interested then now is not the right time. Wait until they show interest. If they are showing interest then set them on the potty when you go (if they want to sit) start by just introducing the potty to them. Follow their lead as potty training should be encouraged and not pushed. They will show/tell you what they are ready for. Once they are doing really good with the introduction part then move to it being part of the routine of the day......start out small like just having them sit and try before and after nap. If they go have a reward (I do 1 m&m for pee and 2 for poop). If they do not go that is ok and just let them know they can try again next time. As they become more consistent then add in more potty breaks. Once that becomes good and they are staying dry between times then work on them telling you when they have to go. For some kids this process goes pretty fast for others they go through the steps at a slower pace. Just like learning to walk some kids learn really quickly and others take their time and have to feel secure in their abilities before taking their first steps. You can help encourage them, but pushing only leads to frustration and a longer process. When they are 10 yrs old you are not going to know who trained at 2 yrs and who trained at 4 yrs.


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