How to break your child from sleeping by you?


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Gemma - posted on 10/24/2012




I personally don't have this problem as when i had my daughter i refused to let her sleep with me as to prevent this problem..

But i would make it clear it's bed time and take your child to their bed. Read a few favourite stories :D to help cal them down..

Tuck in and say good night. If got up, put them back. If was really bad as Nouii said i'd sit very quietly not sayin a word as speaking will only keep them awake.

I have had to do this with daughter b4 i sat my bedroom door didnt say a word till she slept then crept out.

Good luck :D

Nounii - posted on 10/23/2012




u r doing such agood job really..

my baby 2 years old i were having routine but now i traveled so all gone i have to start all over again

u can singing to her and till she sleep

if she want to play or any thing just light off and say: it's time to sleep

tomorrow will have aloot of fun and play

and sit beside the bed till she sleep..

me .. i need an advice how to make my baby routine back:( after 1 and half month of non routine

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