how to control 2.5 years baby behaviour

Kanimozhi - posted on 11/05/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




i have a 2.5 years of old boy. he is really good but he didn't join with other children and wasn't share anything with others, sometimes he even beating them. what i have to do really please help me to change his behavior.


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Joanne - posted on 11/07/2013




I agree with Crystal about children learning from their parents' behavior. There's many reasons why a toddler misbehaves. You can get direct help from this new book "How to Get your Kids to Listen" It is on a new website at Believe me that book will help you considerably if you actually utilize the recommendations. Hope this helps.

Crystal - posted on 11/06/2013




First this to realize is that you can't control him, you can only direct him in the way he should go. Praise him when he is right and calmly correct him and show him a better way when he is wrong. Our children learn from us. If we are quick to anger when we don't get our way, they will be the same. If we yell and fuss, they will do the same. He is learning how to behave. It is normal for a 2 year old not to share, you must show him it can be gratifying to share. Help him see how great it feels to be nice and make someone feel good. But first look at if you yourself like to help others and share. Do you do for others, let him witness this if you do. Explain feelings to him and redirect his anger so that he focuses more on good feelings like love and joy. Do not REACT to his bad behavior, but be "OVER-THE-TOP" when he does something good. I know it seems corny but at this age he is just looking for a reaction from you, no matter good or bad, what ever gets the biggest reaction is what he is likely to do.

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