how to control ur child who hits?

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i want to know how u can control ur chld if he hits other child .my son is not very aggressive and i dont find him hitting everyone but one.and that to he likes pulling his hair.personally i dont like it and try to think wt if someone hits my kid.and i really get annoyed.but at his age he doesnt know wt i how can u control urself as well ur child.i want to encourage him to be social.but if he continues to behave like this iam afraid i have to keeep him away fm other kids.


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My daughter did this at around 12-18 mths (can't remember exactly when it was but around that time). It was whenever another child came into what she felt was her personal space. I resolved it by sticking to her like glue whenever we were in a situation where she was around other kids. As soon as she hit or tried to hit, I would growl at her and tell her that his was unacceptable.

It is really frustrating. I remember being on the other side at a child's birthday party. Another child was targetting my daughter and seemed to have her sights set on being a bully with Lili - it didn't matter what my little one did, this other kid would come over and either hit her, push her over or take the toy she has started playing with off her. It wasn't until she pushed the birthday child over quite nastily, that I heard her mother say 'I just don't know what to do about it (imagine whiney voice), she is always hitting other kids.' This was really annoying as the parent was not staying with their child, and when you know your child behaves like this, you should be trying to prevent it wherever possible.

Hope this is of some help!

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Try the naughty spot method, give him a warning like "if you hit......again you will go on the naughty spot because hitting isnt acceptable" if he continues then say "right you are to sit on the naughty spot now" and sit him somewhere out of harms way and away from other children and he has 2 sit there a min 2 each yr he is so if hes 3 he sits 4 3mins. if he moves or talks 2 u or any1 else start the time over. after tht time is up go down 2 his level and explain y he was there like "u were put on the naughty spot becoz u hit.....and you didnt listen 2 me when i told u not 2 do it" get him 2 say sorry 2 u and whoever he hit and also get him 2 hug u and whoever he hit. he will most likely cry 4 the 1st few times tht normal. i have a nearly 4yr old who is the same and since using this method he has became more easy 2 handle and doesnt hit anymore and ive been using this method 4 about 2mnths now.

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Hi hun, you didnt sy how old your boy is?? But My little girl is 19 months old now and about 2 months ago she went through the same thing. I talked to her teache about it and it is one of the many phases they go through, between 1 and 2 yrs of age. We just talked to her in a very sturdy voice everytime she hit and said: "No hitting!!!, it's eina!" and she got the msg after a while. The big thing at this age is that they are inbetween being able to talk and expressing them selves with words, so out of pure frustration they all kinds of funny things!! Good luck hun!

Rachael - posted on 09/10/2009




set aside a specific punishment just for hitting. As with any other punishment, ensure that it is something the child will not like. Use that specific punsihment EVERY time he hits and he will soon learn that it is not appropriate and his behavior has consequences.

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